Monday, April 27, 2009

Shelter Cove Resort

We had a wonderful time on our camping trip, and I brought pictures back just like I promised! Make sure you click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Here we are all ready for the big adventure.
The Duke told the Duchess there might be "a little bit" of snow left at the campgrounds. The Duchess doesn't like snow on the roads.
Uh oh. . . . .

Well at least the sign wasn't buried in snow!

And the sun was shining too!

But, there was a "bit" of snow here and there!

So -what do you do in a winter wonderland? You play!

Look! I'm a snow bunny!

Better shake that snow out of my fur.

When the wind blows from behind you get a funny hairdo!

Yippee! I can fly!

Look at me! I'm a snowball!

Yikes! That hat could even scare a Queen!

These are my friends Jazzy and Friday. Jazzy only looks mean!

We were pretty tuckered out at the end of the day.


  1. Wonderful photos in that "little bit" of snow! It looks like a beautiful place to visit! Dog friendly too! :)

  2. Marvelous photos, Princess E.R.! Seeing that snow makes me yearn for winter. I am on vacation, too, but at the beach and although I went into the water it's still a tad cold....not summer yet!

    I looked at those pics of Mean Dog. Yikes! He looks very scary to me and not a bit happy. He is definitely an alpha dog and appears too full of himself (I see a lot by a dog's stance!). He just looks like he wants to challenge anything with a heartbeat. Glad you are all better and using all 4 paws. Stay safe, my lovely princess!

    Squire Fenway

  3. wow ! Look like you have a lot of fun !
    & pretty worn out after so much fun !

    PS : We have list you in out friend list (:


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