Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Visitors

We had visitors on Friday night. The "kids" came down from Seattle and left the "Grandkids" with the Duke and Duchess overnight while the "kids" went to a retirement party somewhere. Anyway, I love the Grandkids, however, they brought this with them too...

This is Joey.
There is something about Joey that makes me want to chomp on him. I haven't really done that, but the Duchess says she can read my mind and that's what I want to do. She's right, of course. There's just something about that little old geezer that bugs me!

These are the "Grandkids" They are pretty special.

We had a birthday party for this little Grandkid girlie when her parents got back on Saturday. She turned 8 years old - overnight!
(There's that stupid dog again! Why isn't she holding me instead?)

And the Duchess just kept on taking pictures of everyone. Everyone, that is, except for me!

Hello????? What about taking my picture? I am the Queen you know! I even went to the Beauty Parlor and I'm so soft and fluffy. Hello??? Doesn't anybody care????


  1. Oh Emma Rose, you crack me up! Of course they want to take photos of you!! But company comes first! The grandgirl with the partially toothless grin is so cute! What great fun for you to have company.. remember all dogs were not created equal..some are perfect like you and Chance..others require a bit more ..uh..uh..not sure what Joey requires..a retainer for his tongue..those dogs with pushed in noses..their tongue gets in the way of their breathing..alot like you after a run and your tongue hangs out and gets all dirty.. I know this must happen to you occasionally..although you being the Queen and all maybe not. Chance has that dirty tongue problem sometimes...but he still sends you kisses! :)

  2. Aww~ Joey look so cute (:

    Lots of Drool,
    Four Musketeers


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