Monday, July 26, 2010

July 4th Camping Trip - Part 2

I don't think this photograph really needs explanation!

There were lot's of dogs camping over the 4th of July.  When we saw these Greyhounds we thought our friends Bunny and Lilac had come to see us.  But then we realized it couldn't be Bunny because she is smaller and only wears PINK!

The pink ball went everywhere we went. 

And sometimes it went where we couldn't quite reach :)

(Actually, he did catch it, but it doesn't look like he had enough line does it?)

Mister Higgins the Wonder of Wonders

In the camp next to us there were 4 kids!
I could watch them out the window.

There was even a wedding with a real live band and everything.
We were not invited to attend because they knew that the Queen could not accept. 
 You know - the Royalty thing and all.

Higgins really wanted the band to stop playing.
The Duchess said they were pretty good and they played a lot of C.C.R. (whatever does she mean by that?)

This youngster WAS invited to the wedding.
He was really cute but not really friendly.  He must have been jealous that we got to run and play.  Poor guy.

Sir Bear got his chance to "saunter" off-leash.
He doesn't do much running these days.

He got to pose for his portrait as well.

He's a happy camper no matter what he's doing.

This poor baby was not invited to the wedding although his parents were.
He had to sit patiently and wait.

I have little patience. Royalty is like that you know.

However, I am a good and kind Queen.

On our way home we had to cross this bridge.  It's called the Bridge of the Gods.  I figured out why when I saw how high it was.  We were almost to Heaven and the Duchess kept telling the Duke she wasn't ready for Heaven yet.

It was a metal grate and made a funny noise to drive on. 
And did I mention how HIGH it was????

We truly are brave.  Some friends wanted to come visit us but they turned back when they saw the bridge.  And they were in a car!  We were pulling a big heavy 5th wheel with a big heavy truck.  Like I said, we are brave souls.

We made it!

And we can't wait to go back!


Thanks for visiting.  The Grand Daughter is coming on Saturday to spend a week.  I'm sure the Duchess will be wearing her camera the entire time!
And we are taking her camping for a few days, so stay tuned!!!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 4th Camping Trip - Part One

We are finally getting around to sharing our pictures of the July 4th camping weekend.  We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to going back.

This is Mister Higgins' new favorite spot. 

Bear was happy to be in the gravel.  He is so easy to please!

This is our neighbor, Gypsy.

Going for a Royal walk with the Duke and Duchess.

I found a large variety of smells that needed sniffing.

This is a silly picture of me.  The Duchess wanted a "portrait" of the Queen.  Of course I would not cooperate fully.  I mean really,  she thinks she can boss around the Queen.  NOT!

This time she was sneaky and took the picture when I was preoccupied.

This is me running to the Duke.  Cute paws, huh?

I was getting really bored with this whole "portrait" thing.

I would rather be running off-leash!

The Royal Zoom!

Mister Higgins is trying hard to copy me.

He didn't like the "Portrait" thing either.  It is very difficult for him to sit still.

But he really tried to please the Duke.

He got bored pretty fast though.

Here he is kissing up to the Duke.

And here too!

Time for a game of ball.  You will notice that Higgins is never off-leash.  He is still a puppy and he has to wear a long line when we play in unfenced area's.

What goes up . . .

Must come down!


I will try to show you the rest of the pictures tomorrow.  I hope these look ok.  Our Blogger preview is broken so we just have to post it and hope for the best :)  Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When it Rains, It Pours

Life at the castle has been a bit crazy.  Right before the hard drive on the desktop computer crashed, we had the laptop upgraded to Windows 7.  There has been a huge learning curve with this change. But not only was the operating system new, we realized that the laptop does not have the same programs that the desktop had, leaving us very frustrated, to say the least.

And then - in the middle of it all - the Duchess became ill.  Gallstones were suspected but an ultrasound turned out negative.  Upon further testing, involving radioactive isotopes, it was discovered that her gallbladder was not functioning up to speed.  It was still working, but not quite perfect. Some people live with that forever and have no problems.  But in this case surgery was scheduled and work days were adjusted and family was notified.

Then a few days before surgery the Duchess had another attack.
Only this time she realized the pain was mainly on the left side - the Gallbladder is on the right.  Back to the surgeon and back to the drawing board.  Thankfully, and surprisingly, it turned out to be a bad food allergy.  An easy fix after all that!!!

Then yesterday the Duchess had to have a tooth pulled and some bone in her jaw worked on.  She spent the day on the couch moaning like a sissy.  The pills they gave her really make her dopey.  She had ice cream for dinner last night because "soupy ice cream tastes better than chicken broth".  Well, I can't argue with that.

So, there you have it.  Now you know where we've been and what's been happening.  I have lot's to show you next time because we went camping and it was great!

Till then I will leave you with some pictures.

This is Bear visiting with our neighbor Oscar.  He is an albino Doxie.

This is me playing hide and seek.  Can you see me?

Here is Higgins first look at a swimming pool.

He did pretty good after a few minutes.

This is Higgins helping till the garden :)

See the basket on the right?

It has a surprise in it!

The Duke left this bird seed uncovered in the barn.

I told the Duchess something is not right . . .

YIKES!  A Varmint!
The Duchess screamed and I tipped over the bucket.  The mouse ran away and Bear ate the bird seed.  All in the blink of an eye!


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