Friday, March 20, 2020

And Then There Was One

Emma Rose
12/22/05 - 03/18/20

It is with a heavy heavy heart that I bear this news.  On Wednesday we lost our beautiful, beloved Queen Emma Rose.  There was no warning. We were not prepared emotionally, although we knew someday she would leave us.  She was healthy, bouncy, bubbly and totally normal right up to the last hour of her life.  Losing her was like having our skin peeled off, leaving a full body wound. Healing will take a long time.  Higgins can sense our trauma and he's very uncertain.  So we are lavishing love on him and trying to help each other at the same time.   This will be the final entry on this blog

We know for certain she is prancing around with Bear in Heaven, and Bear has introduced her to Sara, Dinky, Jenna, and Pepper. What a homecoming! I know there are people that don't believe in Heaven, but we know for certain it exists, Jesus is there, and we will be too one day.  Goodbye for now sweet Emma Rose, our little Wiggle-Butt, Girly-Q, Em Dog, and Emmy Doodle.  We will miss you for the rest of our earthly lives.
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