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So tell me. . . Do you think this is normal puppy stuff?
I think he is going to drive me crazy!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Emma's News

I am pondering the coming months of rainy darkness. This could be one of the last days I get to relax on the green grass in the backyard. The leaves are falling and the air is crisper. That’s another way of saying it is getting colder.

Mister Higgins went to puppy kindergarten last night, and Tuesday he went to work with the Duchess for the whole day. Then he got to go to Petco and the farm supply store. I was starting to feel a bit sad about all the attention he is getting. I think the Duchess knew because she had a surprise for me last night when she got home.

The place where Higgins is going to school also has classes I can attend. There are fun things for me to do and learn so I am very excited about it. It’s a “Dog Academy” K through 12 for canines! WooHoo! I suppose we will have to find a “sitter” for Sir Bear. He doesn’t like to be left alone. (Big sissy!) But that sure sounds like a fun way to spend the winter months instead of being cooped up in the dreary old castle all the time.

I will keep you informed of my "progress" after I start my classes. I wonder if they have any sheep there?


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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Stories

Today we had a little sunshine in the morning, then it poured rain the rest of the day. We had a little time to play outside. The Duchess worked on training Mister Higgins with some cookies. He likes to eat - and he really likes cookies! Most of the day though, Higgins was annoying Sir Bear. He's always trying to kiss up to him and poor Bear can't seem to get rid of him. Higgins is really growing fast and I'm having a great time playing with him. We have a fun video to share with you but the Duchess doesn't know how to edit it. It's too long. How do you crop a video? What software can you use? If you know would you please tell the Duchess so she can post my video?

It's me, Emma, smiling for the camera.

Cookies!!!!! Gimme gimme please. . .

Kissing up to Sir Bear.

Teaching Mister Higgins to sit for a cookie.

Playtime! I'm winning!

Yikes! Now he's winning!

Something magical happened today too. After 22 days Mister Higgins found his "off switch". It was awesome. The Duke and Duchess were so excited they wanted to celebrate. Instead, we all made good use of this special time.

I took a nap.

Bear took a nap.

The Duke took a nap.

But the Duchess never gets to nap alone.

Sorry about the fuzzy pictures. We didn't want to wake anybody up by using the flash!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mister Higgins Gets A Bath!

The Duchess waited to give Mister Higgins his first bath until he settled in a bit. He had been through so many changes she wanted him to feel secure in his new family before adding a bath to the new experiences.
I never got a bath with toys in the sink!
And PEANUT BUTTER! My gosh, this is totally unfair!

And he looks like he's loving that peanut butter too!

But not so much, the bath itself.

He's really working this, you know? Look at that "sad" face!


Back to the peanut butter - See, he's not traumatized at all!

Well ok - he's probably getting cold.

He does look kind of confused. . .

Hugs always help. Every single time!

And this is where I was during the momentous occasion.
Stuck behind the gate.

But I did finally get invited in. And the Duchess made a movie. She is not very good at movies - trust me. You may want to turn your speakers off. Ha ha ha - Sorry, but I couldn't help myself!


Friday, October 9, 2009

Adjustments Going on Around Here

Everyone in the castle is having to adjust to the HUGE presence of little Mister Higgins. He is a bouncy baby boy with more energy than all of us put together. So . . . we take turns.

Seems like I am always having to teach him something. For instance -

this is MY toy

As you can see, he pretends not to hear me.

Then he pretends like he doesn't understand what I mean.

So he continues to go after what he wants.

And, being the good Queen that I am, of course I let him.

He thinks he's so smart.

Here is another example. I have never in my life played with a stick. I could not imagine putting a stick in my Royal mouth. However, Mister Higgins loves to play with sticks so I had to show him the proper way to hold one.

And bite one.

And, What? No sticks? Too dangerous?

So we move away from the "dangerous stick" to other means of play.
Like the "challenge" stare down.

Then a bit of "Hide and Seek"

Time Out.

One of the nicest things has happened though. It seems Sir Bear is getting younger every day. Doesn't he look marvelous? Quite the "looker"!

He does not have too much patience with Mister Higgins, but I think he is coming around nicely!

Mister Higgins had his first visit with the Vet a few nights ago, and when the Duke and Duchess brought him home, Sir Bear gave him a great big kiss on the nose. You could tell he was happy to see the little bugger! Oh, sorry, I mean the little "Prince". The Duchess says he is full of P & V - I think that means "Princely Values". What do you think?


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