Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Hole?


  1. what a great sequence!! hahaha!

    that screen door is Groucho and his momma's house. she is also my best friend. the two of us always take our dogs for walks together--so glad you enjoyed the post!!

  2. for a young pup, you're pretty dang good at that hole diggin! Got anything special in mind for it?

    I dug a hole a while ago for mom. Undug a tangerine tree for her, and made the hole bigger so she could plant an apricot tree. She was most appreciative. I could tell.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  3. If you are dinging enough maby you find a tresure.

  4. Brynn does that too, Bonnie barks encouragement. Dad trips in the holes when he is scooping poop. He gets mad, really mad and mutters things that make mommy madder.

  5. Go for the gold!!! The bigger the hole, the better!!! (Don't tell my mom I said that..she used to get so mad when I dug holes all over the backyard..she said it looked like we had groundhogs!) It was fun though and puppies can do those things.

  6. Hey there, Emma
    You need to dig further!!!...eventually you will emerge here - in South Africa!!! We are waiting. Tell your mom we had a good giggle!

  7. Mister Higgens must be digging a hole for those tree seeds you wanted to plant! Chance loves to dig..if Far Guy digs a hole ..Chance is there to help! Kisses from Chance! :)

  8. I bet Mister Higgens cuteness completely got him out of any trouble, too! Those are great pictures!

  9. Aww, that's too cute. Those are great action photos!

  10. Now that looks like fun! I hope you got to rub your face in the fresh dirt you worked so hard to dig up! -Abbey

  11. Great landscape work. I sure hope your masters are paying you some good treats for all that hard work!

    ~Dalton, the black dog

  12. Oh Mister Higgins! I haven't been able to dig a hole THAT big yet!!! Lucky YOU! Good work pal. Dig some for me too, ok?

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


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