Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Stories

Today we had a little sunshine in the morning, then it poured rain the rest of the day. We had a little time to play outside. The Duchess worked on training Mister Higgins with some cookies. He likes to eat - and he really likes cookies! Most of the day though, Higgins was annoying Sir Bear. He's always trying to kiss up to him and poor Bear can't seem to get rid of him. Higgins is really growing fast and I'm having a great time playing with him. We have a fun video to share with you but the Duchess doesn't know how to edit it. It's too long. How do you crop a video? What software can you use? If you know would you please tell the Duchess so she can post my video?

It's me, Emma, smiling for the camera.

Cookies!!!!! Gimme gimme please. . .

Kissing up to Sir Bear.

Teaching Mister Higgins to sit for a cookie.

Playtime! I'm winning!

Yikes! Now he's winning!

Something magical happened today too. After 22 days Mister Higgins found his "off switch". It was awesome. The Duke and Duchess were so excited they wanted to celebrate. Instead, we all made good use of this special time.

I took a nap.

Bear took a nap.

The Duke took a nap.

But the Duchess never gets to nap alone.

Sorry about the fuzzy pictures. We didn't want to wake anybody up by using the flash!

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  1. Emma Rose, You are doing a good job training Mister Higgens..everyone sitting for cookies was awesome. I did notice that they boys have a hard time keeping their tongues in their on the other hand were perfect! The Duchess is lucky to have so many napping partners:)

  2. Hey there Emma-Rose
    Those are such fun pictures. We were smiling throughout! We love the photos of Mr Higgins in "OFF" mode as well as the "Tongue" pictures whilst waiting for biscuits!
    Thankfully you all go your well deserved nap!
    lots of love and licks

  3. SSSTTT your sleeping one´s love the photo´s of you all.
    bye bye,Misty&Lean.

  4. We love the pictures!! Playing, waiting for cookies, napping!!! So Mister Higgins finally found his off switch...that's a good thing! I bet he loves cookies...who wouldn't love cookies!! Thanks for sharing the pictures..they are all great!!

  5. That was funny, you don't want to wake up the sleeping babies!! They are awesome, the puppy is just too cute!

  6. Sleeping on a Saturday seems like the perfect way to spend the time to me! That picture of all of you lined up for cookies should be in a Milkbones commercial!

    Mom said you might want to try Windows Movie Maker to edit your video, but she's still learning it herself, so she's no expert!


  7. I never get to nap alone either! :)


  8. Houndstooth,

    Thanks for the suggestion but Windows Movie Maker doesn't recognize the files. Our little camera (Fuji) takes movies in Quicktime. Ugh! Maybe we need a new movie camera? Oh dear, too many cameras now!

  9. Emma - you have the best smile ever! I figured Mr. Higgins would get tuckered out eventually! I know I run around 100 mph and my kitty cat friend keeps slapping me and telling me to slow down!

  10. Oh my goodness I dont know how I missed this post! I love the sleeping pictures. Your couch looks just like ours whenever one of us tries to take a nap. Mr Higgens is adorable - so are you Emma!


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