Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mister Higgins First Day

Mister Higgins, as you know, is my new little brother. He came to us via Pacific NW Border Collie Rescue. He was 11 weeks old the day we picked him up in Caldwell, Idaho.

We took him back to our hotel room where we spent some time studying each other.

This was a really fun trip, even though it was an eight hour drive. I've never been in a hotel room before. They loved dogs there. We could walk down the hall like we owned the place!

Mister Higgins had to stay in his pen most of the time and he was sad about it.

"Please let me come out now"

It's lonely in here. . .

But he sure got excited about the room service!

The next day we went for another ride. The Duke's Aunt and Uncle have a farm in Idaho and we got to visit for the whole day.

Just us, going for a walk on the farm.

Mister Higgins got wet and rolled in the dirt. Well, ok, we all did!

But I think he enjoyed it more than any of us.

By the end of the day he was pooped!

The Duchess says living with Mister Higgins is like having a two year old child on roller blades. As soon as we got home he found the toy box. There are toys everywhere now.

It didn't take him long to make himself at home. Sir Bear has to growl at him sometimes. He always wants to kiss Bear's face and Bear isn't too keen on that. I have been having a blast though. Mister Higgins can really run! Sometimes he chases me and sometimes I chase him. And sometimes he is just flat out annoying. You know how kids can pester you till you want to scream? Yep. He does that sometimes. But, for the most part we are doing pretty good here at the castle. It's fun having a friend to play with!

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  1. Sounds like you are mostly enjoying your new brither Emma Rose...I will take notes so I can make sure I know what to do when I am a big sister!


  2. Oh Emma Rose, your new brother is just adorable. I love his ears and what is up with that skinny long tail..I hope it gets all bushy! He looks like a sweetie, but I know all pups can be a pain in the neck gotta be patient. Sir Bears probably just hates being slimed by a pup!
    LOL..two herders taking turns playing the chase game..what fun! :) Kisses from Chance!

  3. Hey there Emma Rose
    It seems like you guys are going to be 'adjusting' quite a bit from now on. Your new brother is very cute though..we hope that you are going to be great friends soon. Thanks for sharing all those adorable pictures.

  4. Hi Emma Rose,
    Mr Higgins is so adorable. We love his running shot with his ears flapping. Running and chasing each other endlessly is so much fun but yeah, sometimes we do get some scolding from mommy when we go crazy. Waaaaah
    We look forward to more of your adventures together. Weeeee

    - Frappie, Mocha, Sugar & the Piappies

  5. We are thinkin' that Mr. Higgins is gonna make eFURyone in you's fambly smile lots and lots. Momma says there is nuttin' like a puppy to make a person giggle and by happy.

  6. Congratulations on your new brother. Mr. Higgens is a sweetie as are you.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  7. Cograts with your new brother and have lots of fun.
    bye bye,Lean&Misty

  8. Emma Rose! What great news that Mr. Higgins is there with you....scoping out the new digs, and running/playing! Fun!
    Mom says to get ready with some chewies...teething stage coming up! I love bully sticks and frozen hard bones filled with Cherios and peanut butter...I work on them for quite a while.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose and her mom

  9. Mr Higgins is simply adorable. I loved your analogy "two year old on rollerblades". Yep, that 'bout sums it up! LOL

  10. Emma are so lucky to have a brother like Mister Higgins!! I bet he is like a two year old on rollerblades since he is just a puppy. Think of all the exercise and fun you all will have together running around and playing! There is nothing like a puppy to get you going and keep you going and make you happy! Enjoy!!!

  11. I have a feeling that Mr. Higgins is going to be lucky that he's so cute! Not that I would know anything about that!


  12. Emma Rose - Congrats on the baby brother. I'm sure he will be a little annoying at times (as all little brothers are) but I know he will bring you hours of joy! - Abbey

  13. Emma - I know that Mr. Higgins already loves you! How could he not? Mr. Higgins looks like he's a Bernese mix - very handsome!!

  14. Yes! Frozen mom's getting creative, using cream cheese, or peanut butter with a few cherios thrown in....or, sometimes, when my teeth are really bothering me, I chew on a frozen fabric bone (bought at our local pet shope).
    I'm working on one of my porkhide chewies at the moment...guess mom didn't like me snaggling the furniture.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses!!!
    Sierra Rose


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