Friday, October 9, 2009

Adjustments Going on Around Here

Everyone in the castle is having to adjust to the HUGE presence of little Mister Higgins. He is a bouncy baby boy with more energy than all of us put together. So . . . we take turns.

Seems like I am always having to teach him something. For instance -

this is MY toy

As you can see, he pretends not to hear me.

Then he pretends like he doesn't understand what I mean.

So he continues to go after what he wants.

And, being the good Queen that I am, of course I let him.

He thinks he's so smart.

Here is another example. I have never in my life played with a stick. I could not imagine putting a stick in my Royal mouth. However, Mister Higgins loves to play with sticks so I had to show him the proper way to hold one.

And bite one.

And, What? No sticks? Too dangerous?

So we move away from the "dangerous stick" to other means of play.
Like the "challenge" stare down.

Then a bit of "Hide and Seek"

Time Out.

One of the nicest things has happened though. It seems Sir Bear is getting younger every day. Doesn't he look marvelous? Quite the "looker"!

He does not have too much patience with Mister Higgins, but I think he is coming around nicely!

Mister Higgins had his first visit with the Vet a few nights ago, and when the Duke and Duchess brought him home, Sir Bear gave him a great big kiss on the nose. You could tell he was happy to see the little bugger! Oh, sorry, I mean the little "Prince". The Duchess says he is full of P & V - I think that means "Princely Values". What do you think?



  1. Lovely story Emma Rose and the pictures are wonderful.
    have a nice weekend,Misty

  2. I am so happy to see that you and Higgens are getting along so well! This is fantastic! Awesome!

  3. Emma Rose..You are such a great teacher for Mister Higgins! You both are so beautiful and I'm sure Mister Higgins will learn all of the good things in life. You make a fantastic pair. Have a great weekend!!

  4. Love these two together!! Sophie has that exact same toy that is in the first couple of shots!! :)

  5. Hi Emma Rose, He is so darn cute! I am so glad you are teaching him about sticks..Chance doesn't do dangerous old sticks either. How about a ball..have you tried that yet. Sir Bear will come around, older dogs always seem to get rejuvinated a little around pups. It looks like a whole lot of fun at your house..wish we lived closer! :)

  6. Emma - you have done such a great job of welcoming Mister Higgins! So nice of you to share your toys! I think you deserve extra treats today!!

  7. Oh, yes, for sure - princely values - right! Hang tough, Emma, and take your vitamins. It's going to be a wild ride☺

  8. Great pictures and such a cute puppy! Have a great weekend and have lots of fun!!

  9. Hey there, Emma-Rose
    Yeah...these kind of adjustments take time, but you seem to be a great 'leader' for the rest of the pack!!! You have so much patience too - congratulations. We have a regular puppy visitor to this house and it too takes huge energy from us older doggies.
    Good luck further, because Mr Higgins is real cute! AND Sir Bear does look well...must be the puppy in the house?

  10. Oh! Mr. Higgins is just too cute! Looks like Emma Rose and Sir Bear are adjusting to the new ball of fun & energy! I have been full of the P&V brought home a kids play tunnel a while back, and I LOVE to go after that thing in the morning out in the is totally ripped to schreds at this point...another one is on order apparently...I miss my tunnel! Emma Rose, you are lucky to be a great influence, and have a new little pal to play around with. Keep us posted on how things are going.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  11. I dare say, my lovely Queen EM, that Mister Higgins seems to have brought out a maternal side of you that I have not witnessed before. And, dare I say it? I so wish I had you to show me how to play and be mannerly when I was a pup. You are very, very wise and patient and I think you've taught Mr. H. how to play nicely and live up to Sir Bear's standards.

    Ms. Alpha is in awe of Mr. H's sizeable paws. She is predicting some good height and size to this adorable and lovely soul. And, if your Lady-in-Waiting is willing and able, she thinks Mr. H. would be an AWESOME and competitive agility dog. Just look at that potential for height and speed!

    Your adoring Fenway

  12. Emma, it looks like you have quite a bit of patience there! It's good of you to take him under your wing!

  13. You sound like Holly was with Zac when he was that small, he used to get his own way with her aswell. These cheeky little boys..hehe

    You make such an adorable family. :-)

    Holly & Zac. :-)


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