Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back to Normal

Hmmmm.  Did I say "normal"?
Well maybe this isn't quite "normal".
However, the Duchesses reaction was normal!  Hahahaha!

It rains here. Rain makes for muddy paws.

Paws that match the kitchen runner rug.

 This is what happens after the mud bath.
A real bath!

 Don't we look fluffy? 

Now that Christmas is behind us, we hope you have a very Happy New Year.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Royal Christmas Wishes From Our Castle to Yours

Thank you for all of the wonderful Birthday greetings.  I am truly thankful for the blessing of your friendship.

We are having company for Christmas -
The kids are coming (with Spouses) -
The Grand Kids are coming -
The Sister-In-Law is coming -
and the Niece is coming -

And guess who else is coming???

Santa is coming!!!

All of us at the Castle would like to wish all of you a very blessed Christmas!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In Case You Forgot

I am certain you had it on your calendar.

Possibly in your Outlook?

I knew you wouldn't forget :)

It's been 5 years, you know.

Can you believe it?

The Queen is Five today!

Happy Birthday to Me!


Friday, December 17, 2010

The "Vault"

Sir Bear has been giving us much grief lately.  We had a large Rubbermaid container in the kitchen that the dog kibble was stored in.  It was put in there to keep Bear out of it.  Well, he finally figured out how to open it and the very same day the Duke filled it up, Bear got into it and ate about four pounds of food.  His sides were sticking out and very hard.  The Duchess thought he would need to go to the Vet.  She was very worried about him getting Bloat.  As luck would have it, the poor guy couldn't keep it down and spent the next hour or so throwing up kibble. He was a sick guy.  In the morning he was totally uninterested in breakfast.  He didn't eat again until dinner time.  Higgins and I secretly laughed at him because he is such a glutton! 

After that terrible night the Duke and Duchess began hunting for a more secure container.  They bought a clear plastic one that had latches that snapped up and over the lid to keep it on.  Ah ha!  They thought he would never be able to get into that one.

Less than a week.  Yep.  He did it again and this time ate even more than four pounds.  Labs never learn I guess.  Anyway, it was another long day and night for everyone.  After that the Duchess had to keep her bread machine on top of the dog food so Bear couldn't get into it.

This was not a satisfactory solution at all, but everyone was stumped.  The Duchess was trying to figure out where else she could put the container, but nothing would work well.

 Then she found THIS!  "Gamma's Vittle Vault".

It holds over 50 pounds of food and keeps it fresh with and airtight seal.

BUT, the lid screws on, it doesn't snap on.
This absolutely has to be "Sir Bear Proof"!

Nice....and very sturdy.  He can roll it around the kitchen,
but he'll never get it open.

Fingers and paws crossed!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where Have We Been?

Actually, we have mostly been home.  Well, that's not completely accurate.  "WE" meaning Sir Bear, Mister Higgins, and Yours Truly.  The Duke and Duchess have been off shopping and doing Heaven knows what, leaving us at the castle to fend for ourselves.  Now, is that any way to treat a Queen?  NO!  

The good news is (sort of) that the wrapping is off the leg for now.  I do not miss it at all.  The lump on my "knee" is a bit smaller, but still obvious. The Duchess says I will need to have an Xray most likely, but for now we are to keep an eye on it for any change.  Also, I should refrain from running. Ha!  Like that will ever happen!  Oops. . . please don't tell the Duchess I said that.  She said she would trust me outside until I prove her wrong.  If she finds out I am running I will be back on the dreaded leash.  Our secret?  Thanks!

The bright side of being neglected is the "guilt".  I can make the Duchess feel guilty just by giving her a kiss.  If I give her two kisses she will let me chew on a rawhide bone for awhile.  Works every time!  This morning she found a little "matt" behind my ear and you would think the world was ending! That ought to be good for a Frosty Paws at the very least!  Maybe even Peanut Butter Dog Treats!!! 

So, I guess what I'm really saying is that life is good here at the castle :)

Thanks for stopping by!


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