Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Back Gate

Neighbor Greg had an old gate from a horse stall which he was happy to donate to the “new fence” project. The only problem was that it would have to be painted to seal it for the winter. Now, the Duke is not a painter. He loathes everything about it. The Duchess is not a “painter” either. Although she has a Decorative Painting Studio in the castle, that is entirely different than being a “painter”. However, the Duke volunteered the Duchess to paint the new gate, brushing aside her objections. She was not happy!

Now this is where it gets fun!

The Duchess knew a primer coat would be needed, but the Duke, of course, was oblivious to the details. So off she went to the hardware store – revenge on her mind and in her heart – to buy the boring “brown” paint for the new gate. What she found in addition to the boring “brown” was the perfect answer!

It would make the Duke choke on his words!

When she arrived at the gate with her paint and supplies the Duke was pleased that she was in a much better mood now and assumed that she had gotten over her tizzy fit. Fortunately for the Duchess, the Duke was working at the other end of the property while she put on the primer so he didn’t see it until it was finished.

Here is the primed gate. . . You should have seen his face! Neighbor Greg’s too!

Score one for the Duchess! She’s still laughing!

And here is the finished project. Just like it was supposed to be, right?

But seriously, this whole project was quite an accomplishment because it used to look like this.

And Sir Bear's dignity was the only real casualty today.
He's a little embarrassed about his pink forehead but he'll get over it!


  1. Revenge is sweet with pink primer...I love it! Sir Bear looks great with his pink stripe, AND Queen Emma Rose..what were you doing to remain unscathed by the pink primer..supervising no doubt! The finished very sedate brown gate looks marvelous!
    Thank you for the very kind comments on my blog, we count you as our "best friends"!! Both you and the Duchess! We are so happy that we stumbled across your blog from a comment at Sophie and Andrea's! It was a great day when we first visited your blog! Chance sends kisses for Emma Rose!

  2. Excellent job on the gate project! Love Sir Bear with his pink stripe! :)

  3. "The Pink Primer" sounds like the perfect title for a horror film!

    And you always have the pleasure of knowing what lurks just below that dark brown paint on the gate.

  4. You know, I think the pink looks very whimsical and festive. I bet there's enough left in the can to make it pink again when you (a)Get tired of the brown OR (b)Need some leverage with the duke.

  5. Your Lady-in-Waiting could repaint the gate back to pink and decorate it with lovely vines and flowers befitting your royal lands!

    I'm wondering if that pink smear of paint was a message to Bear from Peat....

    Your devoted subject,
    Prince Fenway


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