Monday, June 8, 2009

The Royal Misdeed

I’m kind of sad today.
I did something wrong, broke the rules, and scared my poor Duchess to death.
It’s been a week now, but I still get sad when I think about it.

The day the Duchess painted the pink/brown gate she left me in the back yard with Sir Bear. She told us she would be too busy to keep an eye on us, so we had to stay in the yard. Well, a little while later the Duke came in for a glass of water and when he went back out to the fence line he let us go with him. (That’s when Bear got the pink paint on his head from pushing on the new gate.)

Nobody was really paying attention to us so we kind of wandered around sniffing the bushes and stuff. But since no one told us not to go any further, we just kept going. We went across the neighbors pasture, into the tree line and headed up the mountain to see what we could find to do.

No one knows exactly how long we were gone before we were missed – but boy oh boy did all heck break loose when the Duchess couldn’t find us! The neighbors helped and they all fanned out in different directions calling our names really loud.

By the time we trotted happily back to the “scene of the crime” the Duchess was in tears. She never blamed the Duke but he felt really bad like it was all his fault. Anyway, I feel bad because I upset everyone.

But just between you and me, we had a BLAST! No, I probably won’t try it again. Besides that, I don’t think the Duchess will ever take her eyes off us again. *sigh*


  1. I am sure The Duchess has forgiven you by now, but I hope she keeps her Eagle Eye on you! Chance has to stay in his own yard..he does not have a fence..he has left a few times..scared me half to death. He likes to chase rabbits and chipmunks..:(

  2. Oh, have some 'spaining to do, BOL!!! Gracie scared us the other day, it happens!!! Woofs, Johann

  3. My Goodness! I would be just like the Duchess, in tears and running around like a crazy person til I found you. I am sure it was fun, but please don't do that to your Duke & Duchess again.


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