Monday, June 22, 2009

Free to Run

At last! I’m free again! After three long days as a captive in the castle, I am out in the fresh air once again! I am restricted to the “immediate” back yard today, but at least I am outside.

We had a very busy weekend clearing and burning brush. It rained both days but that was ok with the Duchess. She does not like burn piles. Unfortunately, it has to be done to reduce the fire hazard in the coming months. Burning to prevent fire – humans do strange things!

I gave a nice card to the Duke for Father’s Day and it made him very happy. I even let Bear sign it too, because I am a good and kind Queen. I hope you all had a wonderful Fathers Day!

Here is the Duke standing in the trees. We just had all the dead limbs taken off and you can see there is a bunch of clean up work to do.

This is me! I love running on the paths through the trees. It's soooo fun!

Here is the Duke starting his first burn pile. You can barely see the top of the brown picnic bench just past the fence post. It was almost completely overgrown.

Now you can see the picnic bench and a lot more! The Duke and Duchess worked hard all day. The Duchess said it was a "Four Advil" kind of day. And the Duke said they are about 25 percent finished.


  1. I am so happy for now i can sleep well pffff woof.
    lots of licks,Misty.

  2. Hello ! Run like that, what a pleasure! In Nice regrettably I cannot make that. Goodbye

  3. You were released!! Must have been your good behavior! Chance was just about to put on his Knight in Shining Armour gear and hit the road! He does send Emma Rose Kisses!
    I love your tall trees, the first time I was in Western Oregon, I had a crink in my neck from looking up all the time! Our trees here are so short compared to yours. I think maybe some of those neighbor goats could help clean up some of that overgrowth! It does look beautifully green there! Thank you so much for being such good friends, we appreciate your kind comments more than words can say:)

  4. Hi,
    My english is not very good. But you're dog is also a beauty :) I was suprised to see you're reaction on my blog never thought that people from so far away also came on my blog :). It was really nice !! I will follow you're blog for new pictures and you're always welcome on my blog :) Greets ..

  5. What a wonderful day and very lovely area. Beats 2 feet of snow!
    We love your blog Emma Rose. Cheers from Alaska!


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