Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rapunzel, Rapunzel

I’ve done it again. I’m not quite sure how I get myself into these situations, but here’s what happened . . .

Yesterday when the Duchess arrived home from work I did not greet her with a “full body wag” and my normal “wiggle butt”. Instantly she was concerned and asked me if I was feeling poorly. Of course I was panting from the day’s activities, but she was convinced there was more to it.

When the Duke got home my “condition” was discussed and it was determined that I had spent too much time running and chasing things all day. Initially I was restricted to the cold tile floor in the kitchen (I really love that floor). Then The Duchess let me come outside with her, but made me stay by her side. That was a bit irritating, but I didn’t fuss too much because I really was tired.

HOWEVER, after a full night’s sleep I was ready to run bright and early this morning. But when The Duchess left for work she confined me to the castle! And she locked the door! And she took the key! (Of course, a key wouldn’t do me any good since I can’t open the door anyway). But my point is –


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  1. Oh Emma Rose, Even if we start out now on a rescue mission from Minnesota, we won't be there for you will just have to be a good girl and rest during the day and play out in the yard all evening! Your Duchess and Duke will be home soon! Chance does send his sympathy and great understanding of your plight..and kisses too! :)

  2. This is one not so great story.I love to help ,but may way is to long .All the way from Holland.I hope you are free now and shasing your owners.....GRRRR WOOOFFFF,Misty.

    Love this story,bye bye Lean[and one great idea..hihi].

  3. Oh no Emma, we shall send for help for you...hehe

    Have a great weekend.

    Holly & Zac...XX

  4. OOOO are you stil Captive,this is not funny any more,MISTY.

  5. You'll have to start by letting your hair down. ;)

  6. Hi,me again are your owners on summer holiday.I be watching you,maby i have to call 911.
    lots of hugs Misty.


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