Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Confrontation!

So, what do you think? A little over the top?
Well, I am a Queen you know.

Anyway, we have some news on the Mean Dog. Last night The Duke was walking up the driveway and the Mean Dog went after my Duke!!! Of course the Mean Dog was on the other side of the fence - thank goodness - but none the less he would have really hurt The Duke if the fence wasn't there. The Mean Dog's owner called her dog off and that gave the Duke the opportunity to talk to her about her vicious animal. He told her that he just got back from taking me to the Vet because of her dog and asked her to "kindly keep him off of our property". He told her that we are on our own property, and we are behind a fence, and it's not fair that we have to be afraid to go out in our own yard!!! Yay! My Duke is so strong and manly!!! The lady offered to pay the Vet bill but the Duke said no, "just keep your dog on your own property". Ha! Take that! Mean dog lady!!! Meanwhile, I must suffer along . . . . .


  1. Oh Emmma Rose, Your lace is beautiful! Very Queenly! I am wondering what would happen if a small child would be caught unaware around the mean dog.. first you..and that was bad..and then the Duke..it is a sad state of mean dog affairs in your kingdom. Perhaps a royal declaration is in order. :)

  2. Far Side,
    We have been worried about the same thing. Our friends living at the property next to the mean dog have a granddaughter living with them. She's about 7 yrs old. They are fully aware of my injuries and are on the look out at all times. If we have one more incident of aggression in any form, we will call the Sheriff. The owner has been warned.

    Kisses for Chance!
    Emma Rose

  3. Hi! Wow look at that laced head-gear!
    We certainly hope that something changes with the neighbor dog.
    Thanks for visiting my site...that is really neat that you go places in your 5th wheeler. I do have trouble getting up our stairs, as they fold out, and there are quite a few of them. Mom usually walks my butt up, and I do the front part these days. Not the greatest on mom's back, but mom and dad are being very careful with me right now.

    Hugs, and cheers!

  4. We were happy to read about the latest news about Mean Dog simply because it will mean that you and the little girl will be safer. Trust me...Mean Dog made a big mistake going after The Manly Duke. Now everyone knows MD is a dangerous nuisance.

    You look just like Queen Elizabeth I in your fancy lace ruff. I certainly hope that your paw is feeling better and you are content.

    Stay safe! Your adoring subject,

  5. Emma Rose, I started writing again about two weeks ago. You always said good things about my blog and I'm grateful. I always thought about what you said, and it helped me. Thank you.

  6. Just popping in to relay kisses and wishes from Chance! Hope your paw is better! :)

  7. Wow! Be careful what you ask for! You got the royal lace! I was only going to send you ruffles! (no, not the potato chip kind either!)
    Glad the Duke got the chance to 'talk' to the lady next door! There is hope....since she offered to pay the Royal Physician bill!


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