Monday, April 13, 2009

Update On The Royal Injuries

As you can see, I went to the Royal Physician this afternoon, and I am really unhappy with him. The indignity of wearing this contraption is almost more than I can bear! Evidently he does not trust me to not tend to my own injuries, so to speak. Well, I never!!! There is a puncture wound in my paw and it's torn, most likely from the mean dogs teeth. Grrrrr! They tell me I will have to take antibiotics and wear this hideous get-up for two weeks!!! Can you even imagine that? I am absolutely fit to be tied. . . . .
Seriously though, if I must endure this don't you think the Duchess should glue on some ruffles and lace? Something more befitting a Queen? If they call it an Elizabethan Collar then I think it should look like one.


  1. oh my goodness...Emma are you chewing on your dressing? We only put those horrible collars on our dogs when they have proven to chew their dressings off. Has your mom tried bitter apple spray yet? Coating vet wrap with some bitter apple usually keeps the relentless Beth from chewing her dressings off. Sure beats wearing the medevil torture device.

    Sorry your circumstances suck right now. I hope that bad dog next door steps on a rusty nail.

  2. On noes... poor Emma! That is really not fair.

    We agree with BCxFour on trying the bitter apple spray. Hopefully it will give you a break from the terrible contraption!

    Hang in there sweetie!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

  3. Poor Emma Rose, You need some lace and ruffles..maybe something purple or red! I am glad you went to the Vet..puncture wounds can be nasty. I hope you don't get an infection..I think your Duchess should stay home and hold your paw all day! Chance still sends are beautiful no matter what you are wearing:)

  4. BCx4, and Raising Addie,

    The doctor did not put a dressing on my paw. He said he wanted it open to the air. I can have the collar off if the Duchess watches me closely. sigh.....

  5. Far Side of Fifty,

    Duchess wants to stay home with me but she can't. Tonight she promised to work on that ruffle idea for me!

  6. Oh my sweet, beautiful Emma Rose. I am beside myself with worry an anxiety. That big mean dog makes me very afraid and we hope The Duchess calls the Animal Warden or a policeman. This has gotten quite serious and I shook when I read that Mean Dog invades your property!

    Please be patient with your new contraption. I had to wear one once, too, when I got a nasty cyst removed. (sigh). If I could, I would sit quietly beside you and soothe you.

    Please stay indoors when Mean Dog is around!
    Your adoring border collie,

  7. Fenway,
    You are such a Prince. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I will persevere!
    With such good and loyal friends this Queen will rise and conquer once again!

    Emma Rose

  8. I totally agree! And Elizabetan Collar NEEDS some ruffles!!! Want me so send you some?


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