Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dreaming in Black and White

The best day of my life was the day I found my forever home. But yesterday was the most exciting day of my life!

We got up early and took a long (3 hour) road trip up into Washington to see a new friend, Lady Vicki, at Border Collie Rescue. Unbeknownst to me, the Duke and Duchess were hoping to adopt a new Border Collie to be my friend. Her name is Bess and we drove all that way to meet her.

When we got there and I figured out what they were up to I quickly put Bess in her place and let everyone know that I AM THE ALPHA QUEEN. The Duke and Duchess were disappointed. Bess is really beautiful and sweet. She is very well trained and needs a forever home.

The Duke getting to know Bess.

Then Lady Vicki let her other dogs out to play with us, hoping that would put us more at ease. It was great! We had a real dog party. Black and white fur everywhere.

And Lady Vicki had some really good cookies for our party.
Yummy! But we had to take turns.

We got to run in the pasture - those kids can run like the wind!!!

Then Lady Carolynn and Sir John came over from BCxFour (one of the best blogs ever) with 3 of their BC's. Beth, Bonnie, and puppy Brynn. Beth had to stay on leash because SHE is the Alpha Queen of her castle and Lady Carolynn knew there would be some "issues" between us. You know how Queens are. It was a very wise move.

Beth wanted to teach me a thing or two about Royalty. . .

But Brynn was all puppy. Isn't she adorable?

We played and played. The cameras never stopped clicking!

I totally fell in love with Lady Vicki's BC, Griff. He was a dreamboat.

When the Duke and Duchess finally made their decision to leave Bess behind, we got ready to go.

"Do we have to go? I am having such a good time here."

Then Lady Carolynn told the Duchess they were going over to Fido's Farm to work the sheep and would we all like to tag along? She even offered to test me on the sheep and see if I had the instinct. The Duchess was ecstatic!!! She had been looking for someplace in our area to do just that and had not been successful.

So we followed them to Fido's Farm to see how this whole sheep herding thing really works.

When we got there it was awesome. Lady Carolynn and the Duchess took me into a ring with 3 sheep. They left my leash on for awhile and then took it off so I would stop tripping on it. The Duchess chickened out and got on the other side of the fence with Bear and the Duke.
When I started really doing my thing the Duke and Duchess were stunned. If they had seen the Red Sea parting they couldn't have been more amazed. Now, I think that is ridiculous! I may not know who my parents were, but I certainly know what my heritage is! It is coursing through my veins as sure as you are reading this! Humans can be so dense.

When we got home the Duke and Duchess had an entirely new respect for the Queen of Bossie's. I Rock!
It was a long drive and a long day. And there are literally hundreds of pictures to go through. But it was so very memorable. This morning the Duchess said her dreams have changed. Now they are all in Black and White. I wonder what she means by that???


  1. HIHI Emma your a great sheepdog wauwww,love the picures.
    bye bye,Lean

  2. Awesome post! The pictures are wonderful! I am going through all my pictures too and have some great ones that John shot of Emma on sheep. I will post them to Flickr and send you the link. I am getting ready to do a post about your visit too. Along with our new foster dog and today Brynn is getting spayed. Poor baby...

    It was GREAT to meet your family & I hope we can see each other again someday soon.

    You know...I am thinking that perhaps the new guy I have would be the perfect fit for your family. He is very SUBMISSIVE - and Beth adores him - she immediately accepted him and has even been seen playing with him. Beth and Emma are very close in temperment - it might be a good fit. Something to consider! I am going to post his listing on the rescue site today. He is 6 months old and ADORABLE!

  3. what great that emma also can work white the sheeps, its somthing they really like !!

  4. Oh wow, what a great day!!! I remember the first time I saw sheep, OMD!!! Heaven!

    Sorry it didn't work out for a new bud for you...same thing happened with me, took five tries before I would accept a sister. :)

  5. Oh, we just LOVE this post! Emma Rose, you DO rock! Those pictures of all those beautiful borders together made our Mom smile and smile and smile, and then when she saw you herding like you'd been doing it your whole life, she about flipped! We all did :-) We're also excited to watch and see the search for your new brother or sister. Sounds like there's an awful nice 6 month old boy that might submit to you Queenie ;-) Can't wait to see what happens!

  6. Oh this is grand fun! I loved the photos, Emma Rose you Rock with those sheep! I think that Chance might do the same with sheep, I wish I knew. What a great oppurtunity to find out, with another handler too and sheep used to dogs..fantastic! :)


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