Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What Kind of a Woman Does This???

What kind of woman would hang pictures of dogs on her wall at work . . .

And put her human family on the bulletin board???
(with a generous sprinkling of four legged friends)

Yep! That's my Duchess!


  1. Our mom does the same thing, 'cept in her case the human kids were stuck to the filing cabinet with magnets - they kept slipping off and sliding down behind it along the wall.

    Our mom says...furkids make her smile, human kids make her frown most of the time. When they stop making her insane - then they will get a permanent frame like us!

    -Ranger, Beth, Bonnie, Brynn the Beautiful & Kiddo the pathetic

  2. Hi Emma Rose, and your Duchess too! I have a mixture of unframed photos that are mostly in magnetic frames that hang on the fridge! I need to frame up some photos of Chance..this is a good reminder for me to do that soon! Grandkids and nieces and nephews are on our fridge they all go real well with some of Chance!
    Your Duchess has lots of people on that bulletin board..but I think perhaps the four leggers are pretty special!
    Thanks for your well wishes and prayers, they must have worked..cause I am much better!! Of course it could be Chances excellent Night Time Nurses checks that are making the difference! I know the kisses I got were pretty special! You are both great friends, thank you! Chance sends kisses for Beautiful Emma Rose! :)

  3. Yea!!! Fuzzies to look at all day!! Smiles and kisses anytime.

    Hugs, and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  4. One Happy Doggy Famely.
    bye bye,Lean....lovely pictures.

  5. My Dear Queen ER...

    No matter how high I fly, I will always need my Queen. I am so in awe of you and your prowess at SHEEPING. What a terrific day that must have got to show your subjects what we were bred for!

    When I am done with my show career and earn my Championship status, I will meet a flock and put them in quick order. Any pointers?

    I really hope you find a bxw friend to share your castle with. I am a "loner", too, but I think it would be fun to share my kingdom with someone special.

    Your King,

  6. We guess someone like our momma would do such a thing☺

  7. I don't even have pictures of my "human" family at work...they are all of Sophie and Elora!! lol!! Beautiful framed photos, btw! :)


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