Friday, July 17, 2009

What is a Kobi?

This is a Kobi.

It is not a rabbit.

It is not a squirrel.

Although it jumps around like a rabbit,
and is about the same size,
it is not a rabbit.
(or so the Duchess says)

Kobi belongs to niece Kayla. He came to visit for a few hours
and I was not allowed to eat, chomp, or play with him.

Rabbits are more fun anyway.


  1. It or this doggy looks like a toy i am having.

  2. We want a Kobi! WE WANT A KOBI!!! We'll be nice to it, we PROMISE!!! Sorry you didn't get to chase it and mouth it even a little. Nicely, of course. We like fuzzy things! SO CUTE (that's from our Mom...we think that Kobi looks like FUN!!!)
    More KOBI More KOBI! (we looked at the handsome young BC boy that might be a good match for you....he's a doll, AND he's a real dog!)


  3. Kobi is ADORABLE! Our momma would ♥ to have one of those little guys around the house! Not us! We'd step on him☺

  4. OMG I am on cuteness OVERLOAD! He is simply adorable!

  5. Wow, what a ball of white fluff, a few slurps and he would have been a mess. He is pretty cute,and VERY little! Your Duchess took some great photos. The one where he is running through the grass is awesome! I think you just wanted to herd him, not hurt him. But yes rabbits would be more fun! Or Chipmunks!!
    Kisses from Chance xoxo

  6. Kobi is a nice fluff ball that Scout would like to play with too!!


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