Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What Is All This Nonsense About Love?

Guest blogger, Sir Bear.

My dear Queen Emma,

Why on earth do you insist on swooning over the Border Collies? What do they have that I don't have? I am black and white too. I am big and strong. I am completely devoted to you. You know I would lay down my life to protect you. If I increased my Rimadyl meds, maybe I could even run with you through the tall grass. I still have one good eye and all my teeth.

And besides that -

I'm a real looker!

Oh dear!!!


  1. WAUWWWWW Emma your one lucky girl....its a big hunk...WOOFFFFFFFFFFFF.

  2. LOL!!!! Awww....give Sir Bear a chance!!!!

  3. Sir Bear you are a handsome devil! Some gals are really hard to impress..so keep trying!

    Oh Emma Rose's "look" is priceless..great capture..I am still giggling!! :)

  4. Sir Bear,
    Your Queen may run about with the Borders (perhaps she sees a bit of herself in them?) but never forget that when push came to shove (and biting and blood), she chose YOU. I can understand why. You got character, man. Sure she may make those googoo eyes over her visitor from Washington, but she lives with YOU.
    Your friend,

    PS: Jessie swooned over your photo.


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