Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not More Water!!!

The Duke and Duchess decided to try the wading pool again this year. Last year they bought me one and ended up giving it to Tank and Ice because I would have nothing to do with it. Now what on earth makes them think this year will be any different? It is water, is it not?

Oh, well, if you are going to fill it up with cookies I might have to reconsider!

OK, maybe just one step in so I can reach that treat. . .

Oh look! There is another one over here!

Hmmm. I think I like wet cookies!
And by the way - I have lost my blogging privileges. The Duchess told me that she must be with me from now on when I am blogging. She said between the rolling in stinky stuff and the altercation with Ice, I am ruining my royal reputation along with hers! Who knew?

Anyway, I guess I was supposed to tell you about the real circumstances with Ice and the little tiff we had because the photograph made me look like public enemy #1 (according to the Duchess). Please trust me when I say there was a long story behind that picture and I really am a "sweet" Queen! (The Duchess feels better now)


  1. Great pool you have ,love to take a dive with you.

  2. Scout really envies that pool you have and especially since it comes with treats!!!

  3. What a clean looking pool! Chance's pool only looks that clean for a few minutes! He plays in his on warm days..usually just before we go someplace..then he drip dries in the car!
    I just knew that the photo in question made you look like a mean Queen. I have several of mean looking Chance just happens sometimes when he is playing hard and is showing off his teeth. I am sure that is what happened with you too!
    Chance sends kisses and hopes you have a great weekend! :)

  4. Hi Emma Rose!
    Your pool looks great! With treats even better!
    Nice to meet you! :)
    Happy weekend.


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