Saturday, July 4, 2009

Something Stinky

I had a fabulous day! Who needs fireworks when they can do this?

Whoa Baby! That was awesome!!!


  1. O,dear Emma now you have to go to the TUB again.
    bye bye,Lean...&Misty.

  2. Hi Lean,

    I did end up in the giant bath tub again. But it was soooo worth it! I rolled in stuff all day long. It was great fun :)

    Emma Rose

  3. Too good-looking, and excess funny! Is is quite attractive

  4. Looks like the new tub will come in handy! Chance is being very good about that rolling in "stuff" far anyway..You did seem too be having a great time! :)

  5. Emma - you look like you're in heaven! I learned some good moves from you - Scout

  6. Oh, yeah! Rollign in yucky stuff is the absolute best!!! You go, girl!


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