Thursday, June 25, 2009

Something Smells Fishy to Me

Someone dug a hole in one of the Duke's flower beds today. They suspect that I did it, but they can't prove a thing! Thing is, I didn't do it - Sir Bear is the guilty party. I think I'm being framed!

Why is it when the Duke and Duchess dig holes in the yard it is OK, but when I do it I get in trouble? Humans are just plain irritating.


  1. Emma Rose, It must a frame us your paws..we think you are innocent until proven guilty. What evidence do they have? Can you plead temporary were not a willing accomplice were you?
    Look innocent, and keep batting those beautiful eyes..XOXO Chance and Connie

  2. Woof,i believe you.You are so sweet ...digging hole´s NO WAY.
    Bye bye,Misty[sniff sniff].

  3. Hi Emma Rose! We had to stop by, as my name too has Rose in it!
    Love that close up of your nose!!!!! Looks like a nice yard to play in. My hoomans are still working on my yard. I have a little area, but just want to run around everywhere!!
    Funny story about Joey!

    Come by for a visit if ya like.

    Sierra Rose

  4. Great nose you have on you, Emma Rose..... You obviously keep your nose clean, so you couldn't have done it.

    Then again, if you had, we would SURELY have said "you go girl!" because dirt is there to be dug. The humans know it, and do it. So they must understand when we do, even if they get mad because they want to keep all the digging for themselves.

    We're still smiling here about your nose pic...LOVE IT!

  5. Oh Emma Rose is beautiful!!! If I didn't have a Bernese - a Border Collie certainly would've been on my list! :-)
    Scout the puppy is impressed!!

  6. That's Lindsay's eternal question as well.

    By the way did anyone ever tell you you have a beautiful nose?

  7. Of course you didn't do it Emma Rose...hehehe

    Holly & Zac...XX


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