Sunday, February 28, 2010

Just Hanging Out

The Duchess tried to get a nice picture of me today.
But I hate that flashy thing in my face, so I pretended
that I was interested in something else.

At one point I even got a little bored with the whole thing.

I finally caved in because she told me I had to stay put until I looked at the camera.
And then she complained that it wasn't good enough!

There! Are you happy now?
Picky woman!

On Saturday the Duke and Duchess took Higgins to the park.
It was part of his "homework" from his class.
They were supposed to get him used to walking past
other dogs without reacting. It was also a good time to
practice leash training.

He tries so hard to please, but boy does he pull!
He is always in a hurry.

Little pieces of hot dogs work really well though.
Bribery! And I missed it!!!
After the park, where there were NO other dogs, they went to
the community college and got to walk past three of them.
Higgins passed the test, but not with flying colors :(
Maybe next time. Practice makes perfect.

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  1. Great work on making The Duchess work fur that photoshoot!

    I think woo did just fine!


  2. It looks like Emma is participating in a delayed 'Strike', like Martha and Bailey had some time ago. She's really beautiful though - it was worth the wait!
    Higgins...Geesh...don't worry...I still react to dogs! I never quite learned that one. Looks like you are doing splendidly!

  3. You are a great model Emma Rose ....when you like it.....yes spoiled model.
    have fun this week,Misty.

  4. Hurray to Mr Higgins! (And his Humans!) Great work you doing there getting him socialized as much as possible while young!

    And Emma, you are simply... what can I say... DA QUEEN!!!

    Your fans,
    Tristan & Braun xx

  5. Emma, I think you look beautiful in those pictures! Mr. Higgins will get it!


  6. You look like a cat sitting up there on the couch, Emma!! Practice, practice, is so boring but worth it! Hang in there Higgins, you will be a big mannerly guy in no time!

  7. Emma Rose, you are beautiful whether you look at the camera or not!! A true model!!! Mister Higgins has alot of work ahead of him but he will catch on especially with little pieces of hot dogs!! Lots of love, Debbie and Hollydog

  8. What a beautiful model. Just shy! lol

  9. Excellent skills in making the human work hard with the flashy beast.

  10. you're so lovely, miss emma rose! what a pretty fur coat you have!
    i can empathize with mister higgins. i still get mama's stink eye for tuggin' on the leash sometimes and wanting to say hiyas to all the passing doggies. it's hard!
    the booker man

  11. Emma Rose you are just beautiful..even when you are bored or a little miffed at the Duchess..she should have got out the hot dogs!!
    Mr. Higgens is coming along..practice does make perfect! Kisses from Chance! :)

  12. I like the photos of Emma Rose acting aloof in front of the camera. My lab does that to me sometimes when he knows he's going to get a treat but I demand a kiss first. I make kissy noises and he turns his head the other way. He's like "just give me the darn treat, already!" Too funny.

  13. Oh yes we agree, make the humans work for our piccies. hehe
    You look very pretty sitting up there, Emma Rose, even if you don't like looking at the flashie box much. :)

  14. Hi, my lady, Wall-E here. I have spent some time this morning catching up on my reading. I really think Gramma should not leave for so long. Papa refused to read with me. The sun has paid a visit to our house, too, but there is frost on the ground, so I think I will wait until it melts before I have a run. Good to see that Mr. Higgins is fairing well. I must confess that I found the picture of Sir Bear to be somewhat intimidating!

  15. Hi ya Emma Rose! Sierra Rose here.
    Your set of photos are beautiful! We love your pose and facial expressions.
    Oh Higgins! Yea, well...guess I am working on the same stuff's been putting me on the pinch collar a bit more for training ques. And, treat bribery.... Slowly getting better.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  16. Emma Rose, you are so pretty!! Can't understand why the Duchess didn't think the photos taken at the start weren't good enough. They are pawfect to me!

  17. Love the picture with the big yawn. I'm always hoping to catch a picture of Bandit mid-yawn but my camera (or my finger, or both) are never quick enough.

  18. More practice means more hot dogs. :)

  19. I think Emma might know how beautiful she is! I am always begging my mommy to take photos of me. That Higgins seems like a smart guy! I'm still pulling my leash when I see squirrels and other people! Maybe I need some hot dogs as incentives....


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