Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunshine Comes to Visit

Can you believe it? The sun was shining outside my window!

I really, really wanted to go out there. . .

So, we did! Since the Duchess was home for the week,
she took us outside to play.

Higgins loves the sunshine too.

I was checking out the green grass.

It felt so good under my winter paws.

It was a happy day.

Even grouchy old Bear loves the sun.

Mister Higgins was being naughty so I had to go help the Duchess.

See what I mean? He was trying to get his ball off of the Hot Tub.

Wait till I tell the Duke! You are TOAST Mister Higgins!



  1. What is that GREEN stuff in your yard???


  2. We want some green stuff too..we are very jealous of your sunshine and your green grass..I bet you are gonna get flowers pretty soon too:)

  3. OOO so lovely to play out side.I have been to the forest yesterday wauwyyyy.

  4. Ahh mister Higgins how did you get up there?

    Emma Rose, you are such a beautiful queen :)

  5. Mister Higgins after his ball is adorable! Emma Rose and Sir Bear all look very happy out in the sun. It seems to have been a long time since we had any sun but it's out here too! Hugs, Debbie and Hollydog

  6. Wow, Rugby didn't even know what the grass was in your pictures! Sunshine and tennis balls - thats pretty good!

  7. Oh Emma Rose you're absolutely beautiful but we must admit, that little Higgens is turning into quite the looker!!


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