Friday, April 1, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Excuse me young lady. Are you supposed to be out of the box?

She's telling Royal Secrets!

Stop peeping or I'll have you for supper!

Dumb chick!

Maybe I should get in there and introduce myself.

Higgins wants you to think he is brave,
but he was shaking in his paws!

He got used to that chicken pretty fast because there was
so much action in the brooder box. 
Lot's of noise and feathers!

Twice a day we get to go downstairs to see the girls.
Higgins and I race to see which one of us can get there first.
I still don't like Bear getting too close. 
He has that "hunger" in his eyes that a food motivated dog always has.
I keep trying to explain to him, they are going to give us fresh eggs.
We are not going to eat the chickens!
(At least that's what the Duchess says)

Last night we took some action-packed movies,
so hopefully this weekend we can get them posted for you to "enjoy" :)

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  1. The pictures in this post are AMAZING!!! Your chicks are so tiny!! I love it!!


  2. Great pictures, especially the one's of the chick on Higgin's back, and then the last one with the Queen and one of her Peeps, ear to ear:)
    Those chicks get their feathers pretty fast, and it looks like you have a few barred rocks in the bunch.

  3. Great photos..are there still ten chicks? I like your brooder looks like it is working well..great lid!! Today we went to the Farm Supply Store and I could hear peeping..and I went to just take a peek. Those chicks are so darn cute..and Chance would herd them..he could have a real job for the summer..but we have no coop..and we have fox and coyotes..but I bet they would eat ticks..we are thinking on it..ducks may be better for us than chickens.
    What a great adventure..I am so glad everyone is on their best behavior around the chicks:)

  4. wauwwwyyy this is so sweet and they are verry lovely with the chikkies.....

  5. Yet another series of pikhs woo won't see on MY blog ;-)

    Furry nice - and feathery too !


  6. OMD, you two are just wonderful with those baby chicks. You wouldn't see that happening here:( The oldest grandbiped is very excited because her class has eggs they are watching, only about two more weeks and the chicks will be here. The class is so excited and they have learned all about the stages of their growth and development. Fun learning.

    Hope you get lots of eggs.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Incredible! Love those two gentle giants of yours... at least they are giants to those little chicks!

  8. Such sweet and pretty doggies! Amazing that they are so gentle with the chicks.

  9. Such good dogs with those little chicks! Emma Rose is wonderful with that chick so near her face. Love it!
    Hugs and wags, Mistaya, Maggie and Gail

  10. Wow you and Mr. Higgins are great with those little chicks! When I visit my Aunt Lori, who raises chickens, I love to run around their kennel and bark, I have been told this is not the way to be around the chickens, but they walk so funny and smell so good!


  11. miss emma rose!

    wowsers, look at how much bigger your chickies are already! i think that you and mr. higgins are really super patient with them, especially when the chickie got on mr. higgins' back! i wouldn't have liked that one bit!!

    the booker man

  12. AHHH they are wayyyy cute! Hoomie Melissa has always wanted one as a pet.

  13. Oh dearest Emma...the picture of that little bird on Master Higgins made us laugh so hard!!! You and your brother are very very brave and very well behaved. We would have tasted at least one of those little feathery nuggets of goodness by now!
    Lots of slurps and sniffs,
    The Guppies at Dream Valley Ranch


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