Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ten New Family Members

The Duke and Duchess came home last weekend with a box full of snacks treats baby chicks for me the castle!

Some of them were yellow.

And some of them were black.

Higgins thought they smelled really good.

He was thinking they might taste as good as they smell!

There were even two brown ones.

I was very excited.

I love getting new subjects at the castle.
Especially if they don't bark.
I knew they were mine.  No doubt.

They are living in a box right now in the Dungeon. The Duke calls it a brooder.  He is building them their own house for when they get bigger.  That one will be outside in the fresh air.  They will be protected from the rain though because the Duke says Chickens don't like to get their feet wet.  Wow, that's kind of picky don't you think?  For goodness sakes, it rains all the time here! (Well, almost!)

In any case, I think life just got a whole lot more interesting!



  1. You are so very gentle with the babies. Not so sure we would be quite that good:(

    Good luck with the new little ones.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Ooh! Congrats on the new chicky babies! So cute! We raised chickens a few years ago and our lab, Melvin loved them. Looks like Higgins and Emma Rose and the chicks will get along just fine! :)

  3. I'm not too sure that "the Look" in your eyes isn't one of more than curiosity. It just might be a "lip-smacking-good" look. Hope that the Duke and Duchess keep an eye on the family gatherings! Cute post Emma Rose.

  4. Welcome to the world of chickens!
    Nice looking brooder there. Do the little chickies have a light for heat? I looked but didn't see one, but they need one.
    Oh yeah, you can tell the Duke that the chickens here don't really seem to mind the wet. I've seen some of ours scratching in the sloppy mud, silly things. We have the same wet climate as you.
    Just remember that you have to guard those subjects of yours, not eat them:)

  5. they are so cute and sweet have a lovely time..

  6. so cute! Do they taste like marshmallow peeps?
    Benny & Lily

  7. So cute! We're thinking about getting some of those for the country house - but may have to wait until next year. Are these your first? Can't wait to hear all about them! -Ellie

  8. Oh they looks like they will be an adventure! I hope that Higgens is not a chicken killing dog..or you either. I didn't know that the Duke wanted to be a chicken farmer:)

  9. oh, miss emma, you got baby chickies!! that is so super duper cool! my daddy has been talkin' about havin' some come live at our house, too, but we can't figure out where to build a house for them.

    the booker man

  10. Now that does look exciting! I know exactly what those taste like, too. Oh, you are so lucky, Emma! Have fun herding those chicks!


  11. I love chickens! I spent a whole semester on them when I was in college! Have fun keeping that waterer clean! hehe and Emma Rose I have no doubt that you are ever so gentle with the new babies, a Queen just knows how to be good to her subjects :)

  12. Oh! I'm adding a p.s.!! I'm sure your Duke is very handy and knowledgeable on the subject of chicken houses but I'll say it anyway! Make sure the chicken wire/2x4 along the bottom that encloses their house is actually buried INTO the ground at leeeast a few inches and that it goes over the top of the pen too! We lost two chickens in class to a fox who knew that the 2x4 we used along the bottom of the pen wasn't buried! :(

  13. This is going to be fun! Looking forward to more photos of Emma & Higgins' adventure with the chicks!

  14. Oh boy Chickens!! Mom has been wanting some, but Stanzie is such a hunter, it might not go well.
    You dogs looked very well behaved!!


  15. Queen Emma,
    You look almost TOO excited in that last picture!

  16. Aren't they cute!!! You are gonna to have lots of fun with those little chicks!

  17. Oh, Emma Rose, I have to tell you... you are going to LOVE having chickens!!! They are most interesting!!! I can't wait to watch them grow on your blog. Ours were already big girls when they got here. Chicks looks so cute!


  18. OMD they are tioo cute! Hoomie Melissa always wanted to own a chick. She tried incubating a chicken egg she bought at the market once but she kinda like...OVER incubated it ya know? The egg was boiling hot. But no worries, the chick wasn't formed yet so no chick suffered. HEE

  19. Oh the look in that last pikh!


  20. Hi Emma Rose, I like your new toys! I reckon when they get bigger you will be able to have fun rounding them up and driving them back to their pen!!

  21. Oh man... snacks, treats is just what we're thinkin' here. Wish Momma and Daddy would bring us home some of those heheh!!! Kind of like ducks - mmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn! So sorries we've been so MIA lately - very good to catch up with your big news here! Have a happy weekend!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie, Avalon and Ozzie

  22. Oh wow, they are so cute and seem so gentle with the little chicks. Great photos!

  23. Oh my goodness, Emma Rose, what a lucky girl you are!!! Ten new subjects in your queendom!! Please don't tell anyone but at first I thought they were baby duckies and I was REALLY excited!

    I will show the Guppies your new friends later-I think they probably agree with Higgins...they will think they look quite tasty!

    Lots of gentle scritches your way and congratulations on the new additions to your world,
    Sue and the gang

  24. Oh my, baby chicks! I hope that Gramma and Papa don't get any ideas like this. It is hrad enough to get in Gramma's lap now!


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