Saturday, March 5, 2011

We Have A Situation Here

Our snow only lasted a short time, but I wanted to show you these pictures of the Camellia bush that is right outside the kitchen window.  These crazy flowers always bloom in late winter/early spring.

Check out those big buds!  Crazy plant :)

Ok, enough of that silliness.  We have a real situation here.  The Duchess hurt her left hand and she is left-handed.  This is not a good thing.  She wanted to dehydrate a huge bag of carrots, so she peeled them all and got out her new mandolin slicer thingy.  Well, of course the safety part of it won't hold a carrot so she thought she would just go slow.  She's a real dreamer, and that is exactly what she was doing, day-dreaming, when she sliced her knuckle clean off.  Well, the skin anyway.  Don't worry, she is not going to die, but for awhile we thought she may very well bleed to death.  Oh, I forgot to mention that the Duke is snowmobiling in eastern Oregon this weekend.  A very long ways away.

 So she wrapped it up in tons of gauze and finished her carrots - slowly and carefully.  Then she took the gauze off to see the damage and the whole thing started bleeding again.  It's the first joint on her middle finger.  Yep, looks real cute sticking straight up in the air.  So anyway, she drove herself to the pharmacy and got some "no-stick" bandages, some more tape, and a liquid bandage for when the stupid thing stops bleeding.  They just shook their heads when she explained what happened.  Seems everyone in this town knows the Duchess is learning to cook after all these years.  She has even had people try to talk her out of it.  Anyway, we think the bleeding has finally stopped and the Duke will be home tonight.  I told her she could really get some mileage out of this injury.  I'm sure the Duke will have to do all the washing and stuff so the Duchess doesn't aggravate her wound.  He will also have to write all the checks to pay the bills because the Duchess can't sign her name with her middle finger pointing to Heaven!

Now, the situation is this - the typing is not much better than I could do myself.  And all this fuss over a finger is taking the attention away from the Queen.  I am seriously considering sending her off to the Royal Infirmary until she is all better.  The problem is she has the Blogger password and won't give it to me.  (She really gets on my nerves sometimes!) 

I know what I'll do!!!  I'll make her wear the "collar of shame" just like we do when we get hurt!  What's good for the Queen is good for the Duchess!  :)  Gosh I am feeling better already. :)



  1. Ouchie, mega times over!!! Maybe she should put a splint on that finger until the bleeding stops - that really ought to help point it straight up - BOL:)

    Hope things improve quickly, Emma Rose, for both of your sakes.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. ouch..ouch...hope that hand is better
    beautiul pictures.
    Benny & Lily

  3. Tell the Duchess that she just needs gauze and some vet is meant for animals but people can use it comes in all kinds of colors. It is like a tape but it just sticks to itself..we get it at the Farm Supply Store. I used it on my bad thumb for months and still use it when I am wood carving.
    I hope the Duchess is not in too much pain..and I am sure the Duke will do everything for her when he returns.
    Those blossoms are beautiful! Chance sends a kiss to the Duchess so she gets all better..oh and one for you too Emma Rose:)

  4. Mandolins are nasty nasty nasty trikhky things -

    Mom says her ex used to swear they would get khut just looking at one -

    Great pikhs!

    Please take good khare of The Dutchess - maybe woo khan khonvince her it is merely a fleshwound -


  5. We are so sorry! That has to hurt. Please take care of your finger and get better soon. Looks like the Duke just might have to do the work for awhile!! Love the pictures! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  6. Emma, do you think you can sneak a picture of the Duchess wearing the collar of shame? That would be hilarious! I do hope she gets better soon. That sounds really painful to me!


  7. Ouch!!
    Reminds me of the two different times I had my hand going around the inside of a glass, washing it. It broke and because my hand was still moving, I sliced my knuckle open. I did go and get stitches the second time.
    Hope your finger heals fast, real fast:).
    Beautiful colour on that camellia bush!

  8. Hi Emma Rose. I'm sorry to hear about the Duchess and hope she is better soon. Of course you're right about wearing the collar, it's for her own good - right? It'll never get better if she keeps licking it hey lol!

  9. Oh NO! those beautiful buds and that blanket of snow are not a good combination. (the photos are awesome though)

  10. Hi Emma,
    I sure hope the Duchess' finger heals soon! My mom thinks your pictures are beautiful!


  11. oh the poor Duchess! Take good care of her Emma Rose! Your snow flowers are very pretty by the way :)

  12. o dear this sounds painful i hope she is ok now .Thanks for telling us Emma Rose.

  13. oh noes! miss emma rose, your duchess really hurt her finger big time! i was full of the nervosity that it wouldn't stop bleedin' at first. i'm glad it did, and pretty please take good care of the duchess! i think the cone of shame is a grrreat idea. teeheehee.

    the booker man

    pee s -- my mama can't believe that camellia is bloomin' like that even with all those snows piled on top! crazy!

  14. OUCH! That has got to hurt like crazy. She better apply some Betadine/Iodone & then bandage it up. Tell her to keep the wound dry at all times. I hope it heals soon.

  15. Oh no! We were just thinking of you and how we hadn't checked in for a long sorry to read this! Hoping that for sure the bleeding has stopped by now, and bandages are helping to heal the wound! Oh ouch! Can't envision! My mom is a really poor cook, more like a does the cooking, but pretty simple stuff, I'll admit.
    When your mom is feeling up to it...can she send my mom (if ok) the type of camera lenz she uses? You always have the most fabulous photos! And, my mom is trying to beef up her photo skills!
    Anyway, will be thinking of you all! We in the camping reservation mode here....hoping summer will come in due time :)

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  16. Oh, ouch. Mom was a phobia of slicers and graters, after exacting the same injury on herself many years ago.


  17. Feels better. We hope you get the collar on your Dutches, but remember, she might hold your password hostage...
    Licks & Puppy Kisses,
    Kylie & Jimmy

  18. Emma Rose! Your momma's owie wounds HORRIBLE! We are tellin' our kitties to start their healin' purrs right now and we will be crossing our paws!

    Momma says to tell you that Scout's leash came from eBay about two years ago. Don't know if you can find them yet but if momma ever finds more she said that she will let your battered and bandaged Duchess know ASAP!

  19. oh, those mandolins are scarey. We have one and are afraid to use it!
    Hope your Duchess is better soon...maybe she can buy already sliced carrots!


  20. Oh no! This is further evidence that nothing good comes from eating carrots. Vegetables- yuk! :)

    Stay away from knives for me, k? Love you!


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