Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Royal Snow Pictures

This little bit of snow closed all the schools today.
Yep.  And the Duchess got to stay home from work.
Yep.  I'm serious!

So, bright and early we bundled up the Duchess and out we went.
She was none too happy that we would not pose for her camera.
Mostly she saw this. . .

And this.

Always running away!

Me too :)

And Bear too!

No matter how much she begged us, we just kept on going. 
We were far too excited to worry about a stupid picture!

"Why do I need to stop running?"

Did you know that Rain Boots are not at all the same as Snow Boots?
Nope. Not at all!

Higgins stopped running long enough to chase the ball. (Of course!)

And Sir Bear took time to "smell the Roses". 
Oh, smell the snow??

"Please leave an old man to his business, thank you."

I tried to hide as usual.

I even thought of running. . .

"Did someone say running???"

I tell you, he is going to drive me completely BONKERS!

Maybe I should teach him a lesson?

That should do the trick for awhile at least.

And he's off running AGAIN!

We are too civilized to try to keep up.

When the Duchess couldn't feel her feet anymore we decided to go inside.
We really wanted to stay outside, but she bribed us!

Life this morning was good.  Real good.
It is now afternoon and the snow is almost completely gone :(
It was great while it lasted, and tomorrow is supposed to be really icy all day so the Duchess will be home to play with us again. 

Thank you for sharing our snow day with us!


PS  Guess what!  It's snowing again!!!!


  1. My theory is that all dogs get a type of brain freeze through their feet, and just go bonkers. Our new Maddie loves the snow ... I think her brain may be permanently frozen though! Glad to see you all having so much FUN!!!

  2. I can see you guys have had a great day. I love to see you all chasing round. I can also see the wild pleasure in your eyes Emma Rose.

  3. Looks like you all had fun! Chance runs around like a chicken with his head cut off in the first snows of the winter..but after awhile it gets old. You must have gotten a whole inch of snow...hardly seems enough to call off school..and yes the Duchess needs some "Snow" boots or at least some wool socks to wear in those pretty red rain boots. And it melted already..darn:)

  4. That little bit of snow got you a snow day? Wow! We have gotten tons of snow and are supposed to get more tonight. The weatherman was a little too gleeful tonight when he announced that if we get four and a half inches we'll be setting a new record for winter snowfall! You guys look like you were really enjoying that snow, though!


  5. Run, play , play and run...whoa...we would get along just fine..That is not alot of snow for a snow day but we would have been happE
    Benny & Lily

  6. What a wonderful day for all of you!! That is about the amount of snow we have gotten the entire winter although it has been very cold and now rainy! We love your pictures so much. Someday we hope to get out of this city and away where we can have some fun and peace too. Mister Higgins will always be a puppy and Emma Rose, you will certainly always be the Queen!!! We hope The Duchess has warm feet by now! Sir Bear is a beauty! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  7. You get pretty white snow, we get cold rain!

  8. You must be soooo happy that your mom got a day off from work today & she got to spend lots of time with you doggies! Looked like you had fun running around like wild animals. Heh!

  9. Hi guys this is fun.....running&snow and some yummie treets..
    have a cool weekend ,Misty...look out for the ice spots you know what happend to my knee and leg..and my running.Vrouwtje [dutch mom thing]say's your always in so much hurry!

  10. Snow is fun and we hope you had a good time with your mom too. We're so happy to see your lovely pictures again!

  11. Your pictures are fantastic. It's wonderful that you were all able to enjoy the snow together.

  12. HAPPY SNOW DAY!!! Want some of ours?? we still have at least 3 feet and another inch or so fell today after pouring rain all day!! The worse is that it got so icy Mommy won't let me and Jimmy run!! Hurmph!!




  14. Dear Miss Emma,
    It's been a while since we have visited but we are back :) It is so nice to see you, Higgins, and Bear playing in the snow, even if you did not pose politely for the photos :) We send lots of wiggles and whinnies to all of you :)
    The Guppies and the gang at DVR

  15. That looks like a lot of fun for all the pups, my two love the snow too, it sends them into a zoomies and chase each other

  16. I like that brain freeze through the feet idea. Maybe that is my problem too! Mister Higgins still looks and acts like a puppy! Queen Emma is lovely as usual. Good to see Sir Bear out enjoying the snow. Snow days are wonderful days!

  17. Great job running away from the camera!! Hehhehe.. Mr Higgins is doing an exceptionally great job at it..

    Looks like you had a wonderful day.. playing in the snow and then ending it with a yummy treat!

  18. That looks like a wonderful day, and I just love all the pictures!



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