Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tree Removal

Remember when I showed you a picture of me standing on this tree stump?  We were waiting for the rain to stop so we could bring in the heavy machine to take out all the roots.

Well, it finally dried out enough to do it.

The roots were on top of the ground and had to be pulled out first.
It made a terrible mess of the yard.

Then the stump could be removed.
It left a huge hole in the ground.

We lost a good chunk of our backyard!

Then the Duke smoothed everything out and planted seeds.

And he put up a fence to keep us out!

But one day something magical happened. . .
It all turned GREEN!

And the Duke took down the fence and we had GRASS!

Oh joy!  Life is good again :)



  1. Emma -
    You are a first class roacher!

  2. We have two HUGE maple trees in our backyard- now we know what will happen when we talk Mom and Dad into having them removed- we get lots of GRASS!!!!!

  3. Wow! What a celebration as only a Border Collie can showcase! I've been trying to catch up on all your news...your pictures are stunning (as always) - the birds, the butterfly and that gorgeous little lad in the sandpit.
    By the way, how do you get your grass so green?...must be your country! Here it is a much dustier shade! :)
    Sending lotsaluv

  4. Emma Rose! What action in your own yard! Is that the Duke driving the Bobcat? That's what's on our street along with the Caterpillar. Oh...and yes, the construction guys were, for the most part, young and hunks!! We love your yard now. The Duke sure knows how the spice things up there for you to roll and play! It looks beautiful!!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  5. Nothing like some nice grass to roll on:)
    I like your little birdhouse with the licence plate roof, it appeals to my crafty side:)

  6. Oh Boy, I love to roll in the grass too!

  7. miss emma rose,
    wow, look at all that soft green grass! i'm so glad it grew at your house cuz that's not what happens at my house when daddy tries to grow it. (don't tell him i said that! teehee.)
    the booker man

  8. Wow ! We are impressed the Duke certainly knows how to grow grass! It is beautiful and so green..wonderful for a good roll! We can'r grow grass nearly that good here. Kisses from Chance! :)

  9. We're in the middle of a similar project, but unfortunately things are looking like your before picture. :)

  10. What a great job on the lawn! It looks beautiful!

  11. Ahhh, I love to roll in the cool grass too!

  12. Hi Emma Rose, isn't grass just wonderful when you have an itchy back! The duke sure made a good job of the re-seeding, I bet you have great fun playing out there now.

  13. Hhi Emma Rose, as a thank you for being a follower of my blog I have sent you an invite to view a private blog I have in which you can view some pictures of the big house where I work. Just check your email and follow the instructions.

  14. That looks like great grass to roll in. Our grass all burned up this summer in the hot sun. Did you get a chance to dig before the fence went up?
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  15. Wow...that looked like a lot of work, but the grass sure came up pretty!


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