Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Camping Trip of The Season - Part 2

These are our friends Friday and Jazzy. 
They were camped in the site right next to us.

We wanted to make friends with this big guy, but he wanted to chomp us so we just took a quick picture and fled the scene.  I think he has some issues with my status as Queen.  I must say though, he was one powerfully handsome male.  Oh well, you can't win 'em all, right?

The Duke and his Best Friend went fishing on the lake.

There was fresh Trout for dinner.  I didn't get any :(

We got to go for walks on all the trails.

We shared some of the trails with horses.
 This lady was kind enough to stop for a picture!

Then on Sunday we went for a walk down the road.  I couldn't figure out why the Duke kept stopping.  What was he doing???

He and his Best Friend were looking at the bushes.

Blackberries!  Oh my! 
They were picking berries to make a special dessert for the ladies.
Let me tell you - that was quite a surprise!

Two big tubs were filled up and the men proceeded to take over the kitchen.
  I wanted to show you the dessert but it was dark outside by the time it was ready so we didn't get a picture of it.  However, I understand it was scrumpdillyishous!
I thought I could take a picture of it the next morning but I never laid eyes on it again.  It vanished!

Dessert?  What dessert?  I didn't get any :(


It was a wonderful camping trip, but I am quite exhausted now.
It's time to begin the Royal Rest & Recovery!

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  1. OMD, look at those blackberries just growing there. We love blueberries, wonder if we would like those black ones too. Mom loves to make blackberry pie but they are too expensive here to get enough for a pie.

    Those two pups look a lot like our friends Louie and Callie, from Three Happy Heelers.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Glad that your last camping trip of the year was such a nice one. Also, the LAST photo of you, Emma Rose, is very GOOD. One that I would call a "keeper"! Happy Trails, from Maggie May & MJ

  3. What a great trip, and a beautiful place you were at!

    I think your personal fotographer is just pawsome! You so lucky to have such good fotographer working for you. All I got is my momma with her dumb phone camera. sigh.


  4. What a wonderful camping trip! Mom said she wants to come there...all of her favorite things...camping, fishing, blackberries, horses!!! It can't get any better than that!! Thanks for taking us with you via was fun!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  5. How did Callie, Louie, and Tula Monstah get there?!?!

    What fun!


  6. That looks like a great trip! I'd have helped myself to a few blackberries, I believe. I understand the royal recovery part very well!


  7. Hi Emma Rose..those are great pictures of you adventure. And I can personally tell you that those black berries are scrumpdillieiousous cause I have a huge bush in my back yard that is very full of those berries. In fact, I watched M.O.D. come out there and pick some one day and I decided that I could do that too and let me tell you....they are DELICOUS right off the vine!!! I do remember hearing M.O.M. warn M.O.D. that he shouldn't pick those in front of me cause when he grew peas last summer I watched him pick those and eat them so I ate them too!! I am glad he didn't believe her this time!!!! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  8. Those blackberries are awesome..we don't have them here in our area of Minnesota..but we buy them in the store! It was interesting to see them on those tall bushes..I thought they would be on shorter bushes like raspberries. No trout and no practically starved to death Emma Rose:)

  9. Cool trip, good thing you made friends with the Healers and the Akita. Fresh caught fish and blackberries too! Very good indeed.

  10. Hi Emma Rose, what a lovley time you all had. I shouldn't worry about that big guy being the way he was, some guys just don't know when they're on to a good thing, it was his loss for sure.

  11. Looks like you had lots of fun :) Sorry you didn't get any dessert!

  12. We can't find those beautiful blackberries here, so we have to use frozen ones. We wish we could have been there to eat fresh fish and wild blackberries. That sounds like a great camping trip.
    Morgan, Tsar and the Porties

  13. What nice doggies next door! And what a great wilderness area you camped in with so many of nature's gifts! Mmmmnnnnn - what gorgeous blackberries (great picture!), but we'd love to have seen what the men did with them! And Mom is so jelly about those beautiful trout you got - she tried and tried at Sardine Lake, but never got a bite - that's rare for Mom - she usually gets bites and doesn't land them heheh! Love you pups on your walks - and the horsies! We had horsies where we camped last too! That one is a beauty, but not as regal as you, Emma!
    Huge Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie and Avalon

  14. What beautiful pics of your trip Emma!
    And of course the prettiest pics are the ones with you in them!


  15. miss emma rose,
    those blackberries look SO YUMMY. we love them at my house, too! i'm sorry you didn't get any of the blackberries or the trout. at least you got to go on a super awesome last camping trip of the summer! we are planning ours for october once it gets a little cooler here at my house.

    the booker man


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