Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Camping

It has been a busy time around the castle. The Duke and Duchess are still working on the fence (mostly the manly Duke). There was a great deal of rushing around in preparation for the big three day camping trip. And the Mean Dog has found a new home!!!!! Whew! We are all quite relieved. The Duchess took 547 pictures of our camping trip, starting on Friday night when we arrived and ending on Monday afternoon when we headed home. Seriously, she had that camera glued to her face almost the entire trip! I am only going to show you my favorite pictures, but there are a number of them, so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy. Our weather was spectacular. Warm, sunny, and perfect. There were nine of us, and 14 or more humans, depending on which day it was. Almost every campsite in the park had at least one dog, so of course, we have a few of their pictures to share.

Most of the campsites, including ours, had flags displayed for Memorial Day

Here is our campsite, and that is my castle on wheels.

This lady was our next door neighbor. She is a good guard dog.

And of course we had a "camp robber".

Mandy never goes anywhere without her ball. It was too slimy to play with. Yuk!

Mandy's brother is Benji and he is ALWAYS smiling.

Libby thinks that she is the Queen. (We all know who the real Queen is, right?)

And she is easily bored.

This guy is KC. He likes to bark at Sir Bear.

Lucy is Libby's real sister, but she lives with KC.

You might remember my friend Friday.

Oops! I'm not quite sure what happened here!

Auntie Lynn passed out handfuls of treats.

I just know I'm next. . .

Only One???

We named this little guy Pappy.
He was across the road from us and the Duchess wanted to bring him home with us.

I was always welcome at the table. (well, ok, not always)

I spent some time guarding the castle.

And checking out the local vegetation.

I even found some time to take a snooze.

But the very best part of the whole weekend was being together.
Nothing beats spending time with your forever family!
The Royal Family


  1. OMD what a wonderful adventure you had!!

    Emma Rose you found the perfect spot for a nap on that couch! Very comfy!

    We have never been camping before. But your trip looked like a lot of fun!

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

  2. Wow you are working some magic with that camera! Love the photos of Mandy and her slimy ball, and Libby Yawning! And Fridays ears! Emma Rose your photos are the very best of all! Is that your Duchess with the to die for red hair..if so she is truly blessed and beautiful!:)

  3. Thanks so much for entering our contest. The photo is up and the polls are open. We love your blog - especially all your wonderful photos! Can't wait to keep up with your adventures and we hope you'll keep up with ours.

    Pruett and Daphne


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