Sunday, December 21, 2008

Freezing Rain

Yesterday we got over 6" of snow. What a day it was. The Duchess wasn't happy but the Duke and I had a grand time! Today the freezing rain came and ruined all my snow. Now it's covered with a thick layer of ice that makes it hard for me to walk - and running is pretty much impossible. I'm a very frustrated Bossie today. Not to mention, there is no place to do my business with ice everywhere.

The Duke just put tire chains on the truck and is going to venture out. The Duchess is worried, but she worries about everything. In fact she's still worried about the Christmas ornaments I ate 2 days ago! You'd think she would figure out that I would have been sick by now if it was bad for me. Maybe next year she won't make ornaments out of dog treats! Ok, only one of them was a treat, but that shiny red apple looked too good to pass up. My mouth and paws were bright red and so was the carpet. You should have seen their faces! They were not too happy with the Queen that morning.)

The Duchess hasn't been herself lately. First she broke the coffee pot, then the television shorted out, blew up and took the computer with it. Then the Duke lost his cell phone in the snow. I think she's over-reacting. She could have lost me. Then she would have something to cry about!!!!

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