Sunday, December 21, 2008

Crunchy Morning

Today was a great day. We woke up at 5am to a crunchy morning. That’s when the temperature dips below freezing and the grass makes a crunchy sound under my paws. The Duke and Duchess were home all day so I had free run of the castle. Most days they are gone to work and I’m left to rule in the kitchen with Bear. We have lot’s of room to play but there’s nothing to chase so you can imagine how boring it is.

But today was a great day. The Duchess washed clothes in the dungeon and I got to go downstairs with her and roll in the laundry. (She doesn’t much care for that though). The dungeon is a wondrous place. There is so much stuff down there I could sniff around all day. It’s kind of like going to Disneyland – you can’t see it all in one day. But I never get to stay down there very long so I have to move pretty fast when I’m there.

Today was also a big day for cookies. The Duchess has a cupboard in the kitchen where she keeps a box of canine treats. Bear has to sit for his treat and I have to spin first, then sit. Well now she’s come up with a new word. She marches in place and says “Dance Emma”. Now, mind you, Bear has already gotten his cookie and I’m trying to figure out what the heck “Dance Emma” means. So I figure I’ll just spin and sit like I always do and see if that makes her happy. It does, and I get my cookie. So why didn’t she just say “Spin Emma”? Humans!

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