Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Flunked Herding

It is true. I failed miserably. After several lessons it was quite obvious that what I had was "prey drive" not "herding instinct". After I got to chase the sheep around a bit I became totally bored with the whole thing. The Duchess was pretty sad. She really had her hopes up and for that I am truly sorry. However, I am a Queen, remember, and being Royalty I am entitled to smell the roses or follow the butterflies if that is what I choose to do. Chasing those sheep turned out to be far more work than I wanted. So, never again will you see pictures like this. . .

Or this. . .

Or even this. Nope. Never. Nada. Zip. Done.

Now that we have that behind us - let's move on, shall we?
I have gotten some wonderful news. There is a new Memorial being built on 5 acres for all of the pets that have been sickened or killed by pet food products. It is called Vindication. It is totally free to the pet owners to have their pets name put on a stone that will line the paths of this 5 acre garden. You can learn about it HERE. I think it is a beautiful thing these kind people are doing. And if you know of anyone who has lost a pet, or has a sick pet because of pet food products, please tell them about Vindication.

And one more thing - there's always more :)

We found this video today that made us all cry. It will reaffirm our resolve to support the fabulous people that work tirelessly in animal rescue. They are all HERO'S!


  1. Hey, woo tried!

    As fur the video, thanks fur sharing that - Mom knows some of her passengers have also cheated 'THAT' same fate - she always tells them during their time together they are safe now -


  2. Hi ya Emma Rose, Sierra Rose here. You had some good times with those sheeps....but smellin' the roses is ok too! I do the same, even when playin' with pals....gotta go do our stuff!
    Thank you for posting the video and sharing news. See you again soon my friend.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  3. Awwwww, that is sad. Dont feel bad Emma...Bonnie is flunking herding too (like me). She likes to chase the woolies, but when it comes down to work and responding to this thing called "pressure" she quits. Sad - it is so hard to know if a dog will be hooked on to livestock enough to be willing to keep working even when things get difficult. Some of us are just in it for fun and games - and chasing the sheep....and peeing on walls, fences, eating grass, rolling in poop (That is the BEST PART!) and making our mom go "ARGH!". HA HA!

    PS My mom says GOOD FOR YOU for TRYING!

  4. Eh, don't worry about it Emma Rose...some of us doggies are just cut out to look good rather than work hard. Its a curse, but somedoggy's gotta dew it.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  5. Shrug. Some of us were made to work and some weren't. We all get to spend some time in harness pulling, but our hu-dad knows that some of us don't really want to pull that far. its ok. We still get the belly rubs.

  6. Mom says she had Border Collies as a kid and that the herding stuff isn't all it's cracked up to be! Don't worry, Emma! I think hunting is way more fun anyway!


  7. Miss Emma,
    You are the queen, and the queen does not need to herd sheep. You just need to be beautiful and you are doing a great job of that!

  8. Emma, I will just send Bilbo over if you need any herding (of your humans anyway) done!

    Thanks for the heads up on all the good info!


  9. You gave it a good try. That's the important thing. There's lots of other stuff to give a whirl. ♥

  10. Emma Rose, don't worry about it. Not every dog wants or needs to herd sheep. You are a Queen and should be doing more fun things that you like. You gave it a try and that's an A in my book! The video is wonderful and made me cry. Thanks for the link. Love, Debbie and Holly

  11. I have to say that you LOOK great herding the sheep. Are you sure it's not for you? Wow. What photos.

  12. Emma Rose, It will be Ok, they love you anyway..perhaps Mr. Higgens will like the sheep:)

  13. That garden is just a wonderful idea. Herding on the other hand...who needs it? :)

  14. miss emma rose,
    the sheepies will like you so much better for not chasin' them anyway, so don't worry. :)
    thanks for sharing about the vindication garden and the video!
    the booker man

    pee s -- i tagged you! come stop by my bloggie to find out!

  15. You are quite right, Emma Rose! You are royalty and must be treated as such! No, sheep herding is not for you, my lady.


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