Sunday, March 7, 2010

How To Eat A Royal Carrot

First you make sure there is nobody watching.

Then you break the carrot in half.

Now you can start working on the first part.

Ahhhh. Sooooo yummy.

Just take time to savor it. . .

Try not to drool too much. It's unseemly for a Queen.

Then go back for more . . .

Yummy, yum yum!

(Try not to get it stuck in your teeth)

I hope nobody saw that!

Ahhh, that was DeeLish!!!



  1. You're sure an expert when it comes to carrots ! Mmm~ I am craving for some crunchy carrots now ! Oh man !!!

  2. You looked totally regal doing that! No worries! We always hound Dad to give us carrots, but then we chew them up and leave them on the floor.


  3. HIHIHI you are looking at a easter Bordy.
    bye bye have a nice meal,Misty.

  4. Your face was soo funny eating carrots! Looked like you really enjoyed it!! I gave a baby carrot to rugby once and he layed down and chewed it like a bone and didn't get very far before abandoning it. :/

  5. We've tried a lot of things but never thought about carrots. You're an inspiration! We can't wait for summer so we can dig the carrots in my mom's garden up. We'll use the technique you demonstrated to eat them all! Thanks for the insights!

  6. HEHE
    I did not know that dogs eating carrots !!!
    Lovely pictures :-)

    Hugs from Kareltje =^.^=

  7. Excellent photos! Emma Rose definitely looked like she was enjoying that carrot!

  8. The rest of The Herd questions this vegetarian streak, but Ruby salutes you!

  9. This is a total kick of a photo essay! Our dogs love carrots, too...yum!

  10. Thanks Emma Rose! I didn't know dogs liked carrots! As much as Holly loves to eat, if she likes carrots as much as you do, she will be a healthy dog! Love the really look like you really enjoying that carrot! Thanks for the information!! Love, Debbie and Holly

  11. what a nice's easy to see why you are royalty. :)
    asa and i love carrots, too, especially baby carrots!
    the booker man

  12. I get baby kharrots after I eat my dinner -

    Merdie doesn't like them but I LOVE 'EM!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  13. Pawsome photos!!!! I'm wondering. Was one photo missing? My dogs *always* return the carrot, completely undigested, in the middle of the night. No more raw carrots for them!

    You are a cutie!!!

  14. Ok, as long as you believe nobody saw it... ;)

  15. Hi Emma Rose,
    Clearly you are a very health conscious pup... :) Our mom always tells us to eat up our vegs and I am afraid we don't always obey!
    Great photos!

  16. Hey Emma Rose - Excellent photos!

  17. Your momma always takes the best pictures of you. I love me some carrots too :)
    Kisses, Sookie

  18. YOU are very pretty! I saw you via Sophie's blog and thought I would say hi.

  19. What NO dip!? We ♥ baby carrots and ask our momma to put some Ranch dip on them! YUM!

    Tell your momma that our momma may know someone who can make the blog button for us! Our momma can begin a separate blog that contains all links to articles and places that we want to avoid and why. Have your momma email our momma. What a great idea!

  20. Ha Ha, love your pictures! I love carrots too, esp. the baby ones in moms garden. The moose and I are always gettin in trouble when we dig them up and eat them...but they are sooo good as you well know!


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