Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa, We Can Explain!

Dear Santa,

It is not as bad as it looks. That's just tissue paper you see all over. Bear really likes tissue paper, and the Duchess bought one of those great big bags of it at Costco. Bear was just having fun, he didn't mean to be naughty.

I don't know how these things got in my bed. They must have fallen off of the end table when I ran between the table and the window. I know I am not supposed to do that, but there was a big truck coming up the driveway and I had to let him know the castle was guarded.

I didn't mean to knock this over. The surround sound speaker didn't get hurt, I promise.

Mister Higgins must have caused all the trouble. Yes, he was locked in the kitchen when all of this happened. However, he is usually the culprit, so could we just let him take the rap this time too? I mean, after all Santa, he doesn't need any new stuff for Christmas. He has lot's of toys. Besides that, he doesn't even know who you are!

Please Santa. . .
We are awfully sorry!

I love you Santa!


  1. Ho Ho Ho!
    I know you would never be naughty on purpose, so I forgive you and will bring you everything on your Christmas list....just remember, you only get one chance, so try to be good for the next 6 days!
    Gotta go...Giddy up Rudy!!!
    Ho Ho Ho!!!

  2. Wow!!! It looks like you guys got a real comment from Santa! Aren't you special?
    Ho Ho...I mean, teeheehee!

  3. Hello Emma Rose,

    We think, Santa Paws sees it as 3 good puppies having a busy day. Of course, we are all in our best behavior as we wait for Santa Paws to drop by. Hihihi

    Hope you're all having a good holiday.

    -Frappie, Mocha, Sugar & the Piappies

  4. Hey Emma Rose
    Hehehehe! Those sweet faces just HAVE to be forgiven!!!
    Wishing you all a really happy Christmas.

  5. Just a few "accidents."

    Woofs and Wags,

  6. I think there was a little man in your house ......ssstttt,your[top] secret.

  7. I think you got a message that's the real deal ho ho!!! I'd be tempted by all those cool things too - I've "been there" myself hehee! That last pic is such a sweet one - no one would leave coal in your stockings!
    Hugs and xo

  8. I love that last picture of the three of you looking very innocent!! Perhaps a bear broke in somehow and did that damage? I know they are everywhere. I know none of you are guilty and Santa Paws will be coming to see you soon!!
    Hugs to all of you!!!

  9. Oh my! Let's just leave it at that! - Abbey

  10. Looks like three innocent dogs to me..and I am a real good judge of dog character..if you get in trouble you can all come and live with me and Chance! :)

  11. Yes those dogs did not do anything ;-)

    Wizz :-)

  12. What a great letter to Santa. I'm sure he'll understand and you won't be overlooked at Christmas!

  13. Hmmmmm...what a mystery! Don't know if we 'buy' that Sir Bear worked the tissue paper, but hmmmm...if Mr. Higgins was in the kitchen? And, Emma Rose, now what did you say you were doing during this time?
    Somehow we think Santa will still be good to you all, with those sweet "I'm ALWAYS on my bestest behavior" faces....I pull that one all the time too!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


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