Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winchester Bay - Part Two

We start part two with a nap. We were all amazed to see Mister Higgins curled up with Sir Bear. It was such a rainy day we spent much of our time sleeping.

This nice couple were walking in the rain with their FOUR Golden Retrievers. They are all senior rescues. These folks have long been involved in saving Golden's. God bless them!

This is Lady Loraine and her Red Heeler, Jazzi, all decked out for the stormy weather. I wish I had a rain coat too! The pictures are fuzzy because we took them through the window :)

Speaking of the window - This is our gloomy, gray view out of our back window. I am showing you this so you can compare it to our view in tomorrow's post.

I didn't think the storm would ever go away so I could get out and play.

So, when there is nothing else left to do . . . . . We nap!

The Duke rigged up a great system for dinner time. All of us are on different food now because of my tummy problems. So we had our own spot in the pantry and we waited patiently (well most of us were patient) for our dinner.

Internet service was very poor. We did get to log on, but had to be quick about it. Mister Higgins thought it was really fun to see me on the little screen. I told him I am on there because I am the Queen! (I won't tell you what he said - he's so rude!)

Don't let this angelic picture fool you. This little bugger is a devil for sure!

The Duchess took this picture from up in the bedroom. Can you see me? I am looking out the back window at the sunshine that is finally showing up. For those of you who have asked, our 5th wheel has three slide outs that make it roomier. One is the kitchen wall, one is the living room wall (opposite the kitchen) and the bedroom has one too. When we get ready to go home we bring all the slides back in and drive down the road! The Duchess spent many years camping in a tent and now she is spoiled. She says it is because we have to have someplace fit for a Queen. That's me!

It took a long time for Higgins to stop barking at the dog in the closet mirror. The Duchess had to keep opening the closet doors to show him there was no dog there. He was very confused. He sure made a mess of the mirrors trying to bite that dog! (Dumb puppy, good grief!)

When the sun finally did come out we had leashes everywhere! Yay! It was wonderful to get out and about. So many smells to sniff! Almost every site had dogs with them so we saw lot's of new friends.

Higgins even got to play ball on a leash. That took a little practice on both his part and the Duchesses.

He figured out that if he ran at the end of the leash he could go around the Duchess in big circles and never stop. Actually, he had to stop when the Duchess got so dizzy she almost fell down.

Sir Bear was really happy that the sun came out. He had been sleeping almost all the time so this made all of us happy too. We are still worried about him, but he seems a little better with the water thing. Maybe the antibiotics are really helping. I hope so.

Tomorrow (or the next day) I will show you our trip to the beach and some more sunny day pictures. Even a beautiful sunset out our back window! Thanks for stopping by :)



  1. Those look like furry goods accommodations you have there - even if it was rainin' alla' you looked snug as a bug in a rug☺

  2. Miss Emma!
    I saw your comment over at Dory's bloggy and just had to stop by! Mom used to have a BEAUTIFUL Aussie Shepherd that looked SO much like your pretty self. You know what her name was??? EMILY!
    My mom wants a travel trailer like Duchess & Duke have. I think it would be so much fun to travel with them. See ya!
    Mack T. Beans

  3. I can´t wait till tomorrow love the story.
    bye bye,Lean.

  4. Lovely 5 wheels house. Fit for a real princess.
    My husband dreams to have something like that too, to travel with it in our mountains. Who knows, some day...

  5. Hi there! Thanks so much for visiting and following Unshelved Words. Your fur babies are precious. I have a Border Collie....Toby..and his favorite gal Susie. Susie is a lab mix. They are king and queen of this house for sure. Right now they are napping while the winds are blowing in some freezing weather. I'm off to take a look at more of your posts and awesome pics.

  6. Hi Emma Rose and everyone! Sierra Rose here! (we just like writing / saying 'rose!')
    What a nice trip! Glad to see all the other folks camping, and lots of furry pals to sniff out. Oh my Mr. Higgins! I sometimes have to play ball on leash too, but haven't thought about the circles...hmmmmmmmmm, might have to see about trying that! Oh our patient hoomans, putting up with us puppies!
    Sir Bear, we hope you continue to feel better!
    Looking forward to the next set of pix. Oh, and wish our BigFoot camper had slideouts! We are pretty cramped in there sometimes...someday...

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  7. I am glad the sun finally came our Emma...what a fun day you had despite the rain tho!!


  8. It looks like a wonderful trip! Beautiful pictures and I'm glad the sun came out. Mister Higgins is so funny barking at the mirror. It's great that he's sleeping with Sir Bear and I'm really hoping and praying that Sir Bear is going to get better. Emma Rose...you know we love you too!!!

  9. Yep, it rains a lot on the OR coast...but when the sun comes out, it's glorious!!!

  10. Awwwww. that looked like such a pawsome trip!!! You guys had so much fun! *envious!* We wanna go camping too!

    So glad for you guys the sun finally showed his glorious face... I'm sure you guys had tons of fun!

    The pic of Mr Higgins barking at himself really cracks me up! I can imagine coz' Braun - my orange Border Collie - used to do that lots when he was a pup! Looks really really funny! :)

  11. Me and my Best Friend and my Kind Friend really like all your photographs, Emma Rose. Where are you? Is that in Oregon? It looks like a very nice place. I think we would like to go there.

    And we are really glad that Sir Bear is feeling better too.

  12. well I just love your Fifth Wheel looks like it is a perfect place for three dogs! I am glad that Sir Bear is a little better..and it looks like everyone had their hands full with Mr Higgens..aren't puppies grand! :)


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