Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Queen's Birthday

Today should be a holiday. Queen Emma Rose Day. Well, ok, maybe not. But it does have a nice ring to it. Today I am four years old. I came to the castle when I was 18 months old. If you have not read about my humble beginnings, you really should! You can find my story here. (Get the tissues ready).

The Duchess says I get more beautiful every day. Well, I think a Queen should be beautiful. However, beauty radiates from within. A happy Queen is a beautiful Queen. You know me as I am now - the photograph below is what I looked like when I was rescued. Quite a difference I would say. I was a frightened, timid little princess.

But now, as you know, I am a Queen living in her own castle. I have a fine servant, (Sir Bear), good companions (the Duke and Duchess) and my own Court Jester (you know who that is!) Life is good - no, life is GRAND! So please celebrate with me today.

Kisses and Hugs all around!!! My treat :)


  1. I agree - today should totally be a holiday. Who do we need to talk to to make that happen??
    Anyhoo, happy birthday to the Queen!

  2. Happy Birthday Emma Rose.
    bye bye,Lean.

  3. Happy, happy Barkday, Queen Emma Rose!!! Yes I agree as well; hear ye hear ye... how does that go??? You DO get more gorgeous each day - have looked back through your posts and I know you are blissful where you are - we love happy endings, (and just read your story) so we know you are living a furry happy one indeed! Have a pawesome day!
    Hugs xo
    Sammie and Ozzie too

  4. Mom say's we should all get the day off work in order to pay tribute to the Queen. I don't work, but if she's home then I gets more play time with her...so I agree!

    Happy Birthday Miss Emma Rose!

    Wags, Wiggles & Birthday Slobbers

  5. Happy Birthday to young Queen Emma!
    Enjoy your day.
    From an older Queen, Jesse.

  6. All of the Malamutes and the lab and the two people of Alaskan Arctic Expeditions wish you a very Happy Birthday!! Puppy kisses!

  7. Happy Barkday!!! You're not gettin golder, you'e geting better!!!
    Hugs and belly rubs,

  8. Happy Happy Birthday dear Queen Emma Rose!!! I read your story and yes, tissues were needed. I am so glad that you found a wonderful forever home. I hope you got lots of presents and treats for your birthday!!! Lots of love, Holly and her mom Deborah

  9. Queen Emma,

    You remind me of me! I came here when I was eighteen months old and now I am a grown up three year old! We hope you have the happiest of birthdays! We're eating some fancy Christmas treats in your honor!

    Bunny (Still a princess, but working on queenship)

  10. Happy Emma Rose Day Emma!! Your Mama is right, you are getting more beautiful every day!!!


  11. Sending you lots of belated kisses from Chance! We didn't get over here to visit yesterday..we were very busy all day..with Christmas preparations.
    Happy 4th birthday..we wish you many more happy years!
    Merry Christmas to all of you..including the twerpy Mr Higgens..he is a lucky pup too:)

  12. Hey Emma, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you having a great big party with Livercake (yum - let me know if you want the recipe).

    Yeah, dad needed the tissues. You see, Frodo (www.thefrodo.blogspot.com) and I were both also adopted from Border Collie Rescue (here in South Africa). Those folk at BCR are doing a really great job. We would rather try to forget our past too.


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