Monday, August 24, 2009

Mail from The Duchess!

I got an email from my Duchess this morning. She misses me!

Dear Emma Rose,

We are having a good time and the weather has been wonderful. Gracie arrived on schedule and we have been on the lake every day.

The first day we found a nice secluded stretch of beach and spent the whole day playing in the water. When it was time to leave we discovered the boat had a dead battery. You should have seen us trying to flag down another boat for help. It was almost like Gilligan's Island.... Too funny, Emma. Anyway, eventually we were rescued and all was well.

Yesterday the Duke's truck broke down and today the toilet is plugged up in the RV. Like I said, we are having a great time! :)

Lady Cindy brought a surprise guest this year. His name is Hunter and he is a "fetcher". I have only seen him sleeping one time in five days! (We have a very poor internet connection so you will have to wait until I get home to see pictures of him. Sorry!)

Give Sir Bear and Lady Laura my love. I miss you terribly and can't wait to get home.


The Duchess


  1. And Emma do you believe them!!!!!!I don´t no.But ok they send you a email snif snif i miss you.I think it is you miss them or maby you are heaving lots of fun with Bear and Laura.....WOOOOOFFFFFFFF.
    lots of real licks,Misty

  2. Emma- I hope they bring home a present from their vacation! I know I would!

  3. Emma -

    Mom just found your blog via Sierra Rose. We've added you to my dog blogroll and look forward to following your adventures.


  4. It is so furry nice that you are gettin' letters! We just found you cuz you are a friend of our friend, Miss Sierra Rose! We will be back lots to sniff you some more!

  5. What a nice letter!! How could she not miss you!!


  6. Emma, It sounds as if they are having some technical difficulties..Gilligans Island LOL..and a potty that doesn't work Oh My..hope they get home safely. Chance sends kisses! :)

  7. The Duchess is such a thoughtful Mistress to let you know how much she misses you. Too bad about the breaking is said that bad luck happens in three's, so by my count, the streak is over and nothing more will break. Except, maybe, The Duchess' heart if she doesn't see you soon!

    Your devoted Prince,
    PS: I don't smell at all skunky this morning! I am once again beautiful and shiny.


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