Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lake Roosevelt

Hi! It's me, Emma Rose! I missed all of you while I wasn't posting (you didn't tell did you?) Thanks for stopping by. We have a lot of catching up to do, so we will be visiting you all as soon as we can!

The Duke and Duchess are home safe and sound. Boy were they excited to see me! The Duchess brought a lot of pictures home, as usual. I will share some of them with you today, and some more over the next few days. They had a good time, but the Duchess said the trip was not as fun as it would have been if I had been there (and Sir Bear too!)

There were lot's of things to do in camp, like playing a game of giant checkers.

There were races too! Looks like Hunter is losing this one to KC.

Libby couldn't take all the excitement and had to pause for a drink from her water bottle cap.

There was time for jumping rope. . .

And kite flying lessons!

There were three kites. Yep. My Duchess can fly a kite with the best of them.

The Duke accidentally let go of his kite and ran like crazy to catch it.
Luckily a tree caught it before it went into the lake.
The Duchess said she laughed until she cried!

There were lessons on boat driving from the Skipper.

Deep conversations about throwing balls were the norm.

Water races happened almost every day.

There was tubing.

This is Hunter with his Mom and Dad going for his first ride. He did great!

Hunter's Dad got to water ski

while poor Hunter waited . . .

and waited.

Stay tuned. . . More to come!


  1. What fun the Duchess had!! Can't wait to see more!


  2. Your one happy dog now that your Duchess are back.They had a lot of fun i saw.
    bye bye,Lean&Misty

  3. Hi Emma Rose!!! You didn't get to go? Harumph!
    Well, did look like some nice photos of Lake Roosevelt.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose and her mom

  4. Emma, we will be watchin' fur more pictures and talks about alla' the wonderful things that went on☺

  5. Looks like a lot of fun - and a lot of water - I'm jealous!

  6. So glad your pack is all back Emma Rose! The Duchess took some fantastic photos..I especially liked the jump rope photo and the ones of a forlorn Hunter ..way too cute. It looks like it was a great vacation..even though you had to stay home:)


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