Sunday, September 13, 2009

Busy Weekend

Our camping trip over Labor Day weekend was pretty miserable. We had rain, rain, and more rain. Not too exciting for me and Sir Bear. At least we got to be with the Duke and Duchess. Quality time. I can't complain about that! But I have no pictures to share with you because the Duchess would not take her camera out in the rain. (picky, picky!)

Now that the camping season is over it is time to buckle down and get things done. Today the Duke and Duchess went to the neighbors house. We had to stay home but we could watch everything through the fence. The Duchess said they had to go there to work, but I ask you, does this look like work to you???

Hey! You wanna play with me?

Well? Do ya'?

Come on Goat face!

Let's Rumble!




Hey Lady - why do you keep pointing that black box at me?

This is SERIOUS business going on here, so could you please just leave????

Diesel wasn't having any part of the goat chasing thing.
Isn't he handsome? *sigh*

Bubba doesn't play with the goats either.
He just follows the Duchess around making puppy dog eyes at her.
She loves him.

Hey Lady! Take a picture of MY handsome face!

I've got you all beat. I know how to pose for the camera and smile :)

Whoa there! Chester here. Don't forget about me.
I'm the biggest one here. And the most important you know!

So all this was happening on the other side of the fence while I was stuck behind bars. It isn't fair. Those are MY goats.
I guard them through the fence every single day.
They come talk to me because they know I am a great Guard Queen.
I keep them safe.

Please, please, please let us out!!!

So by now you are probably wondering why we were not allowed to go with the Duke and Duchess. Well, this is why. . .

Today was a firewood day. Chainsaws were buzzing, wood was flying.
It was not a safe place for me or Sir Bear.

All that work and it doesn't look like they put a dent in it!


  1. Great it.

  2. Great post!!!!!!
    Sorry your camping was rainy. We had some drizzle up in Pinecrest, and super funky lightening/thunder back home in SF Bay Area...but Pinecrest, this past weekend, stayed dry for the most part. Love reading about your adventures Emma Rose!!!

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  3. Hi Emma Rose, It is always fun to read about your activities..or in this case your non will enjoy being warm this winter!! Your friends are pretty cool..I love the very expressive, I am sure that you keep one eye on them all the time! Kisses from Chance:)

  4. Sorry about all the rain over Labor Day...we just had a weekend full of rain over here at my is ever so boring to have rain!

    I like all of your friends!


  5. Hi Emma Rose! Thanks for visiting our blog. We sure enjoyed reading yours today! Love, love, love the pictures. What kind of dog is that chasing the goat? Too funny! Up here, we chase moose. Not supposed to, but what can a hound do when they are right outside the door??

    Looking forward to reading more about you and your family,
    Gus, Alaskan Bloodhound

  6. Please, feel free to pass on anything I've posted about this horrible act in China.

    I just heard on the news today that infant deaths are up in China and that more and more deformed babies are being born over there. I honestly believe those two events are taking place because of the fact that they think so little of human life that they have NO regulations with respect to infant food or formula or toys, et. al. As well, pregnant women are ingesting foods loaded with pesticides and chemicals because they need to produce huge amounts to feed their enormous population. Another factor would be that they have been using human excrement as fertilizer on their farms.

    Right now China thinks it has the US by the tail with respect to the money it has lent to us; however, and mark my words, the country is going to implode and I have the feeling I will live to see it happen.

  7. Thank you for my birthday wishes. Don't forget to send them tomorrow, too!

    And oh, how I wish I could visit your Royal Hunting Grounds! So many curious 4-leggeds to watch and sniff. But I truly believe that the Duke and Duchess are very wise to make sure you are far away from the chainsaws!

    Your devoted Prince,

  8. Edie and Gus,
    I don't know what kind of dog he is but he sure is cute!

    Emma Rose

  9. Hi Emma Rose,

    Sorry about all the rain. We've been getting lots of raindrops here as well. Nice photos you got there.

    - Fudgie, Princess, Scrappy, Bullet

  10. Emma, sweetie, you are furry fortunate to have a momma that loves you so much. There are so many little ones in the big world who have no one to take care of them. Kisses to you☺

  11. Hey Emma -

    Sorry about all the rain and it really stinks that you had to watch all the fun through the fence. But then chainsaws and flying woodchips cold ruin your day.

    Thanks for sharing the pics. I will think of the goats next time we stop at the cheese shop - Mom needs some goat cheese for her quiche!


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