Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation at Crater Lake - part 2

While out and about one day we walked through another campground and saw this deer in a campsite. We all thought he was a yard ornament because he stood so still. Finally he wiggled an ear and the Duchess started taking pictures. Since he was in the shade the photo is dark. Hope you can see him.

This is our campsite. We are on the right and our friends are on the left.

There were some seriously big pine cones there.
I would not want one of these to fall on my head!

So much water. . . so little time!

The pretty river.

This is a thunder cloud. So beautiful and fluffy.
It is hard to imagine the wrath it brings.
We had thunder storms and wild fires brought on by these beauties.

I Rock! (that's a joke, get it?)

My Duke was so patient with me.
He always let me get my fill of the icy water.

We met this adorable girlie on one of our walks.
Her name is Abby and she is 8 months old.
The Duchess really wanted to bring her home!!!

My roaring river again.

Still "rocking" out!
The Duchess says when this photo is enlarged it is breath-taking.
I think that's because she is my biggest fan!

We climbed down a mountain to get to these waterfalls.
Even the Duchess says it was worth the effort.
We all got wet from the mist,
which was heavenly because it was soooo hot outside.

Our friend Greg looking at the falls.

Sir Bear was having a great day!

Another view of Crater Lake.

And another . . .

A good time was had by all!
Thank you for sharing our vacation with us.
I will leave you with a Royal Smile!!!


  1. I love the pictures. What campground was that? It is gorgeous! I love the waterfall and the lake shots. Make me wish I was there...

  2. BCxFour,

    We stayed at the Crater Lake RV Park, also known as the Prospect RV Park!

    Emma Rose

  3. Duchess, Your photos are fantastic..each one better than the last! You must be enjoying that camera too! Thanks for taking us along on your vacation!

    Emma Rose, You do rock! And you photograph beautifully! Sir Bear is pretty handsome too, I see he got a little camera time too! How wonderful for your Duke to wade out in your river so you could play in the water!! Chance sends kisses!! :)

  4. Wauwww Emma is this Doggy looks GREAT to me.
    bye bye...hugs,Misty

  5. Emma definitely rocks! Those photos were breathtaking! Looks like a refreshing vacation!

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely time. The boss is very jealous of your wonderful pictures ;-)

    Wizz :-)

  7. WoW! Great area! Is the campground close to the falls? Sometime we will do an PacNW camper road trip. Your 5th wheel, Emma, looks far more comfy than our BigFoot!
    Looks like you had a really nice time!!! Will check out Camping Part I.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose


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