Tuesday, February 24, 2009

News From My Duchess

The Duke got an email from the Duchess today:

Hi Honey,

Things are going quite well. Mom is improving each day and I know without a doubt she will make a full recovery. Sis came in yesterday and we ran off to Starbucks for an hour. Oh, heavenly!

After all my trips down here, for some reason this time I noticed things I'd missed before. For instance, the sky never really gets dark at night. Not the pitch black darkness with a million stars overhead like we have at home. The tap water never really gets cold. It could never freeze your hands like the water from our well. And there is no such thing as silence, day or night. Perhaps I noticed these things this time because the stress level is so much lower now. The chemo is over, the cancer is gone, and I feel good about Mom's recovery. In any case, Southern California is a different world!
I'm very glad I came, but I'll be happy to get home.

Tell Emma and Bear I miss them terribly, and give them a snuggle for me.


PS Tell Emma we will scan her puppy pictures as soon as I get back!

I miss the Duchess so much. The Duke is great and he takes good care of us, but kibble and coffee isn't the same without my Duchess. It's the "girl talk", you know? The Duke's not really good at "girl talk". I hope she comes home soon.

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