Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Royal Boob Tube - Part 2

(If you are just tuning in please scroll down and read part one.)

Not wanting to make a mistake and purchase the wrong television, the Duke and Duchess started the Royal Research Project. Plasma or LCD? 720 or 1080p? 60 or 120 hz? HD, sound quality, etc… The homework was intense.

It was agreed that the study would last for several months because the funds would not be available until then. And so the dreams grew bigger as did the size of the screen.

The lure of the “after Christmas” sales proved to be too much, so off they went to do some comparison shopping. By the end of the day the choice had been made. 47” LG, 1080p, 120hz, from Video Only. The sale price was only good for “one more day”, but they held fast to their plans to wait for the funds.

On New Years Day, having nothing else to do, the Duchess wanted to go shopping (her favorite sport). She cajoled the Duke into going by promising to visit their future TV at the Video Only store. Since their last visit they had discovered that the sub-woofer on their surround sound had also suffered a melt down. Unfortunately the castle-owners claim was now closed and this item could not be added. Then, while looking over the selection of sub-woofers, the Duke reminded the Duchess that their DVD/VCR player was also on “the fritz”. Things went from bad to worse when the salesman told the Duchess about their 24 month “no interest” financing.

After about an hour the Duke and Duchess were the proud owners of a new TV (at the sale price), a new sub-woofer, a new DVD/VCR combo, and a Universal Learning Remote to make everything work. Oh yes, and a $25 cable to connect them.
Of course everything except the DVD/VCR and the cable was on back order. The Duke and Duchess were fine with this because of the original plan to wait several months.

But every day became harder for the Duke. He became obsessed with his new television that wasn’t there. The salesman said it could be a month or longer before it would arrive and the Duke was almost foaming at the mouth by the third day. He was fast on his way to becoming a salesman’s worst nightmare!

Thankfully, on January 16th the new TV arrived and the Duke proudly brought it home. Someday, hopefully in the near future, he will get his sub-woofer and remote and his life will be complete!


  1. I'm sorry this has nothing to do with the post. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I write to try and make a difference in some way but what you said made a difference to me. Sometimes it's difficult to keep going but reading something like that... I'm grateful.

  2. My comment actually relates to your post.

    In fact I can relate very well to your post. It sounds exactly like the kind of shopping expeditions my wife and I go on.

    Plus it was funny. Thanks.


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