Friday, January 9, 2009

A Call to Arms

I have been remiss in my writing and I do apologize but life at the castle has been utter chaos.
After the big snow melted, the big rain came, overflowing the moat and almost washing out the drawbridge. Now the high water levels have driven the rats from the forest into the royal stables. I am constantly on patrol trying to catch the vermin. The Duke even bought traps the size of a shoebox (human man shoe size 12 – we are talking about some BIG rats!). So far they have outsmarted us but we shall persevere until the last varmint is exterminated. As for my poor Duchess, she is completely useless at times like these. She thinks she is a delicate flower, but I think she needs to grow a spine and grab a weapon! The castle is under siege, for heavens sake! CHARGE!!!

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