Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Royal Boob Tube - Part 1

As mentioned last month, the Duke blew up the royal television. Ok, it wasn’t his fault but he was watching the news when it happened. Evidently (according to the man from the power company) the television shorted out and sent a spike through the wall to the end of the circuit. Of course the computer was at the end of the circuit so it blew up as well.

The Duchess was in California visiting her parents and I was sleeping in my royal bed so there were no reliable witnesses. I say this because the Duke has long complained about his television and often wished for this very thing to happen. So, I ask you, does this sound a bit “fishy” to you as it does to me? Well, the Duke is an honorable man and even though he ultimately got his wish, he was in no way to blame for how it came about.

When the Duchess arrived home she was quite dismayed to find the 35” television had been replaced with a tiny 13” screen. They made jokes about passing the binoculars but it really wasn’t too funny because the Duchess needs new glasses and couldn’t see the picture very well.

However, her worries about the TV paled in comparison to the total panic she felt about the demise of her computer. (She has very poor habits when it comes to backing up the files). Fortunately her son, Squire Daniel, saved the day and saved the hard drive. (Yes, the files are all properly backed up now and there is a UPS between the wall and the computer).

After friends suggested she file a claim on her castle-owners insurance, the Duchess reluctantly called Allstate and found she was indeed “in good hands”. So of course the Duke immediately began taking measurements. He wanted the biggest replacement television he could fit into the great hall! At long last his dreams were about to come true. And so the hunt began.

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