Monday, July 26, 2010

July 4th Camping Trip - Part 2

I don't think this photograph really needs explanation!

There were lot's of dogs camping over the 4th of July.  When we saw these Greyhounds we thought our friends Bunny and Lilac had come to see us.  But then we realized it couldn't be Bunny because she is smaller and only wears PINK!

The pink ball went everywhere we went. 

And sometimes it went where we couldn't quite reach :)

(Actually, he did catch it, but it doesn't look like he had enough line does it?)

Mister Higgins the Wonder of Wonders

In the camp next to us there were 4 kids!
I could watch them out the window.

There was even a wedding with a real live band and everything.
We were not invited to attend because they knew that the Queen could not accept. 
 You know - the Royalty thing and all.

Higgins really wanted the band to stop playing.
The Duchess said they were pretty good and they played a lot of C.C.R. (whatever does she mean by that?)

This youngster WAS invited to the wedding.
He was really cute but not really friendly.  He must have been jealous that we got to run and play.  Poor guy.

Sir Bear got his chance to "saunter" off-leash.
He doesn't do much running these days.

He got to pose for his portrait as well.

He's a happy camper no matter what he's doing.

This poor baby was not invited to the wedding although his parents were.
He had to sit patiently and wait.

I have little patience. Royalty is like that you know.

However, I am a good and kind Queen.

On our way home we had to cross this bridge.  It's called the Bridge of the Gods.  I figured out why when I saw how high it was.  We were almost to Heaven and the Duchess kept telling the Duke she wasn't ready for Heaven yet.

It was a metal grate and made a funny noise to drive on. 
And did I mention how HIGH it was????

We truly are brave.  Some friends wanted to come visit us but they turned back when they saw the bridge.  And they were in a car!  We were pulling a big heavy 5th wheel with a big heavy truck.  Like I said, we are brave souls.

We made it!

And we can't wait to go back!


Thanks for visiting.  The Grand Daughter is coming on Saturday to spend a week.  I'm sure the Duchess will be wearing her camera the entire time!
And we are taking her camping for a few days, so stay tuned!!!



  1. Wooo! I had to do a double take and make sure it wasn't me myself! I am just so envious of your big adventure, I wish it was me there!


  2. My mom is snikhkering at the thought of me sitting there like that Golden Retriever...

    I wonder why she thinks that?


  3. Ooooh, what fun you all had! Ninja and Penny want to come play in a beautiful place like that, but they aren't too sure about that ole bridge. . .

  4. That bridge looks so high - and scawy!
    What a fun time you had!

  5. What a great trip. Sir Bear looks happy and sweet in his photo's! Love the pink ball! Very pretty area you visited.

  6. wauw love your story Emma Rose looks like you had great fun.

  7. Wooos! As always such lovely pictures. Bol at the other Khyra, sitting patiently... not!
    We have a bridge like that, but I think I slept when we went over it...
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  8. I love your camera! It takes such wonderful pictures of the dogs!

  9. Great pictures, and it looks to be a lovely campsite!
    Your 'royal' commentary just cracks me up:)

  10. Hey there everyone
    It sounds like an absolutely fabulous 4th July camping trip! I must say your pictures are truly awesome...such clarity. The doggies are all lovely (as always) and the scenery really refreshing! - we are living in very dusty weather at the moment...can't wait for the rains and things to turn green.
    "Curtsey to the Royalty"!

    ...and sending lotsaluv

  11. Higgens looks quite attached to his pink ball, does he share with you? Probably not. Your camping area looks pretty cool..but that bridge to get there is something else..and tell the Duchess that she is an excellent photographer! Chance sends kisses:)

  12. i always enjoy your stories. looks like you had a great time, even without going to the wedding :)

  13. hihi miss emma rose!
    i'm sorry i'm late stoppin' by...mama claims she's been "too busy workin'"...lame-o!!
    anywho, your camping trip looked totally awesome! i love how green everythingie is, and it looks like the weather was refreshing, not burning hot like at my house. what park/camp site did ya'll go to?
    i love the pictures of ya'll. :) sir bear looks very content, and the one with mr. higgins yawning makes me giggle. the close ups of your pretty face are just beautimous!
    the booker man

  14. Camping is so fun! Mister Higgens has the best facial expressions!

  15. We love your photos!! Wow!!! What a wonderful time everyone had!! That bridge is big!! Really, your photos are just beautfiul and we love them!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your trip!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  16. Camping trip pics after all of this? You are prolific this summer, I like it!

  17. That sure did look like Bunny and Lilac! Oh, what beautiful photos your mom takes!!!


  18. That Mr. Higgins keeps a sharp eye on that pink ball for sure! Looks like a fun camping trip and that Sir Bear poses so nicely for photos. But then again so do you Queen Emma!
    Berner Hugs,

  19. Duchess, Wow! I can't believe how big Mr. Higgins is getting. Just like Mr. Blues! BOL! We are in the same situation! Thanks so much for stopping by after my absence. Beautiful pictures of your camping trip and love the white Doxi playing with Sir Bear. How cute. Emma Rose looks as gorgeous as ever. No surprises there. Hope you are feeling back to 100% after the doctor and dentist. Can't wait to read more of your adventures. Much Love, Woof! MB, Josie and Blues

  20. Wow - what a trip! Am so jelly about your camping outs - especially when there's a wedding and band and all! Pawesome! And that did look like Lilac and Bunny walking by! (And sorries we've AGAIN been so MIA)
    Sending you Hugs and Love xoxoxo
    Sammie and the crew

  21. Hi there! I found you on the Blog Hop! It looks like you live pretty close to us... We're in the Pacific Northwest as well! :) It looks like the wedding was a lot of fun! :)

  22. How fun to find more dogs that love to go camping! That bridge looked really cool. The best one we've been on so far was the Mackinac bridge in Michigan. We're going to subscribe and see where you guys are off to next!

    Tail wags,
    Buster and Ty

  23. What a great trip and such an awesome beautiful dog. Excellent shots.

    Following from the blog hop. Come visit us sometime.

  24. Passing through from the blog hop. What gorgeous shots! Looks like you all had a great time.

  25. That looks like a wonderful trip, gorgeous shots of you both too. The bridge looks really cool!

  26. apologies - should have said shots of you all, not both....Silly humans typing fingers again..hehe

  27. You sure are purdy! My furmom & furdad have a boat, and that sure is a lot of fun! A camp sounds (and looks) just as cool! I'm new to this computer thing... but I sure do like your stories!

  28. What a fun camping trip and filled with EVERYTHING! Excitement, ballies, weddings, bridges - you hit the jackpot!

  29. You are very brave indeed for crossing over on that very high bridge. My Momma doesn't think she could do it. She might if someone else was driving and she could cover her eyes until she reached the other side. Silly Momma. - Abbey

  30. Some beautiful camping photos Emma Rose! So green and lush.
    There were mostly 5th wheels, trailers and campers in the campground we were at at Hume Lake. No hookups, but nice sized sites.
    Looking forward to more camping photos and fun reports :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  31. BEAUtiful pictures....glad to have stumbled upon your blog and looking forward to following....We can't wait to settle down from our wildlife traveling jobs (some day) mostly because we can't wait to have a yard suitable for a smart dog!



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