Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Knew I Should Have Stayed Home!

The Duke had to go to the dump on Sunday so I decided to tag along.  
My castle is in the country so we do not have a service that picks up our garbage.  Therefore, we must make the trip to the dump on a semi-regular basis.  When we got there the Duke gave this nice lady $28.00 and she gave me a little doggie cookie.  That is a lot of money for one little treat, but I guess I'm worth it because the Duke seemed happy and even thanked her!

After eating my cookie I looked out the window and got a little nervous when

I saw this sign

The Duke didn't act concerned however, so we drove in 
and took our place against the fence. 
I watched out the back window 
while the Duke got started on his mission.

I was soon quite bored with that and decided to see
 what was going on out this window.

Yikes!  More scary signs.

I get tired of having a camera pointed at me
 so I gave the Duchess my famous "Evil Eye".

There seemed to be a great deal of activity out the other window.

Well I wonder where they all went?

This man pulled in next to us and I noticed something in his truck

So I jumped in the front seat to investigate.

Yep, I knew there was something going on over there!

And while I was staring at the occupants of the truck another one pulled in and  this guy started giving me a piece of his mind.  I decided to ignore him.

My manly Duke got his job done quickly so we could head back to the castle.

Thank goodness!  I was really exhausted by this time.

But when we got home I knew there was a reason I should never have left.  The natives are on the move and they were getting really bold in my absence!  Can you see both of them in this picture?

This one is just asking for a whooping!

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  1. Hey Emma Rose,

    Great to hear from you again!
    Looks like you met some flurry friends in the dump site. The Duke sure has a lot of dump!!!!!
    I hope that nottie squirrel didn't do anything to your territory, you should give him a good smacking if you see him!

  2. Hey there Emma Rose,
    I suppose one meets people (sorry...Dogs) in all sorts of places...even in the places you dump! :)
    I love your squirrel picture!
    Take care and lotsalicks

  3. Well, at least you comported yourself like a queen! Some dogs can just be so rude.

    I'd love to help you with your squirrel problem!


  4. That's a very neat trip Emma Rose!! Everyone's dog got to go to the dump that day!! I used to live in the country and had to drive 20 some miles to the dump and always took my dogs too. Those squirrels are on the for more of them!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  5. Hi Emma Rose i like the evil eye i shoot do it to some time when my owner comes with her camera.

  6. What a great evil eye you have Emma Rose :-)


  7. Woooos! Car trip! I do not care where I go as long as I get to go. I think woo better start working on squirrel patrol though, before woo get over run!
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  8. Woo know what they say, right?! When the pups away...the tree rats will play!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  9. Chance has a squirrely problem ...and a chipmunk one too..keeps him occupied! I recognize that evil eye..with the half closed eye..but you defended your truck in a Queenly manner!! :)

  10. Hi Emma Rose! Sierra Rose here! Whew! What a trip to the dump. Glad you made it back to the castle in good time. Yes, those tree squeekers need your attention! :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  11. The natives always lurk around when they see us leave!
    Woofs and wags,

  12. Ah-ha! I see we're not the only ones with a squirrel problem.

  13. wow, miss emma rose, that dumpin' place is kinda cool! the "dump at your own risk" sign is scaring me just a tad, though, but if you and those other doggies were there, it can't be that scary, right?
    i saw those squirrels!! the nerve of them to show up like that and climb in your tree. grrrr.
    the booker man

  14. From the looks of that one picture it must have been "Take Your Dog to the Dump Day." Bandit likes to chase the natives who lurk in our yard, too.

  15. The Duke was furry lukhky to have woo along to snoopervise!

    OH NO!

    They taunt woo too!


  16. We are quite familiar with the dump routine since we do not have trash pick up either. Really a fun place though!

  17. LMAO....I LOVE Emma's evil eye look!!

  18. So my only question is, do they let people in the dump if they are dog-less?? Maybe you HAD to go to the dump so the duke and duchess could get it!!

  19. You need to fire up your wildlife camera when you go out on missions so you can keep track of the little buggers. :)

  20. Good job Emma Rose, keeping track of he dump. Our Mom has to go to the dump too because we live in the boonies. Those pictures are terrific. It is so good to see you again. Get those squirrels.

  21. Asking for a whooping, huh? Emma Rose, you a just too sweet to do that - at least I think you are...☺

  22. Great pictures of the evil squirrels! Keep an eye on them!!
    I'm glad you got to go along to the dumping place to check it out, even if it did have some scary signs there.
    Have a happy weekend!


  23. Emma Rose,
    Oh what an exhausting day at the Dump. You meet all kinds everywhere, don't you? And those crazy squirrels must have known you were gone and were going nutty while you were gone. I hope you ran around and let them know you were home when you got back!! Have a fantastic weekend and keep those beautiful pictures coming. I don't think you ever take a bad picture, do you?
    Much Love,
    Josie and Mr. Blues, Jr.

  24. Looks like Dog Day at the Dump!!!
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy


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