Sunday, April 4, 2010

Camping In The Rain

We didn't have any family coming this weekend so we decided to go camping.  The weather has been improving so we decided to risk making a reservation.  Of course, the weather gremlins found out and it poured rain most of the time. 

However, that was a good excuse to try out our new rain gear!  Don't we look stylish in our new jackets?  I know I showed them to you once before, but this is the first time we have actually gotten to wear them for real!  At least with our coats on we got to go for a very long walk down to the boat ramp on the river. 

The Duchess would not take her camera out in the rain so I have no river pictures to show you.  I will tell you though, I marched right into the water.  Then I climbed on some rocks and jumped off into the freezing river.  The Duke and Duchess were speechless. 

 I got my new coat wet, but isn't that what a raincoat is for?  Anyway, it was great fun for me.   Mister Higgins did not like the water so much.  He is scared of everything at first.  That is the real reason I jumped in.  I wanted to show him there was nothing to be afraid of.  He wasn't buying it though. 

 Sir Bear really didn't care one way or the other.  He got a drink of water and that is all he cared about.

See my reflective stripes?  Cool, huh?

Here I am just hanging out in the trailer.

Here is the "Devil Dog". 

When the Duke decide to take a nap we decide to ambush him
with a "DOG PILE"!!!!

Then we made ice cubes with our new ice trays.  They are sooooo cute!

After our walk we needed a long snooze to recover.

Then of course we played a little. 
There is not much else to do when it is raining outside.

Sunday morning bright and early we packed things up and headed home.  Thankfully it stopped raining long enough for us to get everything unpacked and put away for next time.

I hope you all had a truly blessed Easter.

We did.



  1. I am so glad everyone had a blessed Easter!! We did also!! I love your raincoats..everyone looks very stylish!! Sorry it rained though but it looks like you had fun anyway!!! Happy Easter to all!!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  2. ooo, camping is so much funsies! i'm glad ya'll still had a good time even though it was kinda ickies outside. your rain coats are super cool, and miss emma rose, you look so pretty in green.
    happy easter to ya'll, too!
    the booker man

  3. That was nice even though it was raining. I love the ice cube trays, very cute! The rain gear looks like nice too!

  4. Happy Easter to everyone!! It looks like you had a fun weekend..all we did was cook..but Chance had lots of ball players today! I like your rain gear..Emma Rose jumped in a must be liking the water more..maybe you need a pool in your back yard! You got great looking ice cubes!! It also look like you got some new blankets on the couch..I Love the paw prints! Chance sends kisses! :)

  5. sorry it rained on your camping trip. At least you guys went prepared...
    Happy Easter eggs,
    Benny & Lily

  6. Sorry about the rain, but it looks lke you made the most of it!!

    Happy Easter Smileys!

  7. Hoppy Easter!

    PeeEssWoo: The PURPLE PAWS rokhk!

  8. WOW camping looks like a lot of fun!

    LOVED seeing you guys in your coats!

    Addie likes to lean over the seat in the car just like you guys!

    Looks like you had a great Easter Weekend!

    Chasing my tale...
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  9. I LOVE you guys in your coats! That is most cool! That jump must have been exhillarating!

    I am hoping that maybe, just maybe, I might get to go camping sometime this year, too.

    Just wondering, does Mr. Higgins have a driver's license? I thought he was too young for that!


  10. Aww~The paw size ice cubes is really very cute ! You 3 look great in your coat.

  11. Aww. I love the ice cube tray!
    Your raincoats are too cute :) Have fun in the rain.
    Happy Easter to you all!

  12. Great rain coats sorry from the bad wheater...but your icecups are so funny...
    bye bye,Lean.

  13. Wooos! I love camping and going places, Scampi would wear a raincoat, and he does, me?, never! I love the feeling on rain in my fur!
    Happy Monday!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  14. I love that you jumped in the river with your new coat on! Now that's spunk! -Abbey

  15. Camping! I live in a campground! You should come here to my campground, Gramma says we are pet friendly. Shouldn't that be friendly pets? Anyway, pets stay here with their people all the time. I heard Gramma tell one man that if he didn't like dogs, this was not the crampground for him (he asked Gramma to shut her stupid dogs up). He left. Gramma says she doesn't trust people who don't like dogs.........

  16. Our humans say there is nothing more gun than to be camping in the S-RV, rain pouring down, and us with energy to burn off.

  17. Oh, I love the ice cube tray!! Where did you find it?
    Reflective fabric/tape is a good idea on your dandy jackets. Stay safe, ok?

  18. Easter here was slow and quiet. And that's perfect.

    I need those ice cube trays!! :)

  19. Sorry about the rain but it sounds like a great weekend. Any camping trip is awesome! And, I love your jackets. Our dogs have the same type!


    Happy Belated Easter!
    have fun for free stuff.

  21. In that last photo Emma Rose sure looks like she could be a heck of a back seat driver! Mr. Higgins, too, for that matter. :) They look like they're coffee'd up and ready to hit the road.

    Everyone looked so nice in their rain gear and those ice cubes are too cute.

  22. Meow.. meow..
    It looks funny you in a raincoat :)))))))
    I never had one :(

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  23. You all look so cute in your raincoats. But I think my favorite was the ICE CUBES in the shape of Dog cute.... LOVE THEM!!!

    Woof, much love, Josie

  24. Hi Emma Rose, Sierra Rose here.
    Yay for camping!!!! Boo for rain, but still good for walkies and trying out the new rain gear! Looks like some cool waterproof and stylish coats!
    Yea...I went throught the scared of everything phase... So glad you jumped in, Emma! Show that Mr. Higgins the ropes!!! :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  25. You are all looking so sharp in those snazzy coats! Mr. Higgin's glowing eyes did scare me a bit but I'm guessing he's a real softie! Glad to hear you had a nice Easter!
    Berner bumps & kisses,


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